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Page 285 - Post free. INDIAN ANTIQUARY. — A Journal of Oriental Research in Archaeology, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Religion, Folklore, &c.
Page 115 - Papers relating to the Collection and Preservation of the Records of Ancient Sanskrit Literature in India.
Page 451 - ESSAI SUR LE MYTHE DES RiBHAVAS , premier vestige de l'apothéose dans le Véda , avec le texte sanscrit et la traduction française des hymnes adressés à ces divinités. Paris, 1847, 1 volume in-8°.
Page 311 - SAHYADRI KHANDA OF THE SKANDA PURANA; a Mythological, Historical and Geographical Account of Western India, first edition of the Sanskrit Text, with various readings. By J. GERSON DA CUNHA, MRCS and LM Eng., LRCP Edinb., etc. 8vo. bds. pp.
Page 115 - THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE UPANISHADS AND ANCIENT INDIAN METAPHYSICS. As exhibited in a series of Articles contributed to the Calcutta Review. By ARCHIBALD EDWARD GOUGH, MA, Lincoln College, Oxford; Principal of the Calcutta Madrasa.
Page 165 - England, with literal English Translations of all the Metrical passages, schemes of the Metres, and copious Critical and Explanatory Notes, By...
Page 383 - MA, Calcutta. Pp. xii. and 282. 1882. 10s. 6d. TIBETAN TALES. Derived from Indian Sources. Translated from the Tibetan of the Kay-Gyur. By F. Anton von Schiefner. Done into English from the German, with an Introduction.
Page 219 - Mahawansa (The) — THE MAHAWANSA. From the Thirty-Seventh Chapter. Revised and edited, under orders of the Ceylon Government, by H. Sumangala, and Don Andris de Silva Batnwantudawa. Vol. I. Pali Text in Sinhalese Character, pp. xxxii. and 436.
Page 37 - Benares Sanskrit Series. A Collection of Sanskrit Works. Edited by the Pandits of the Benares Sanskrit College, under the Superintendence of RTH Griffith, and G.
Page 453 - Der Rigveda oder die heiligen hymnen der Brähmana. zum ersten male vollständig ins deutsche übersetzt, mit commentar und einleitung von ALFRED LUDWIG, zweiter band (schluss der Übersetzung).

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