Demeter and Other Poems

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Macmillan, 1889 - 175 pages
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Page 175 - ... Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell, When I embark; For tho...
Page 160 - I have climb'd to the snows of Age, and I gaze at a field in the Past, Where I sank with the body at times in the sloughs of a low desire, But I hear no yelp of the beast, and the Man is quiet at last As he stands on the heights of his life with a glimpse of a height that is higher.
Page 141 - Not of the sunlight, Not of the moonlight, Not of the starlight ! O young Mariner, Down to the haven, Call your companions, Launch your vessel, And crowd your canvas, And, ere it vanishes Over the margin, After it, follow it, Follow The Gleam.
Page 170 - Light again, leaf again, life again, love again,' Yes, my wild little Poet. Sing the new year in under the blue. Last year you sang it as gladly. 'New, new, new, new ' ! Is it then so new That you should carol so madly? 'Love again, song again, nest again, young again,' Never a prophet so crazy ! And hardly a daisy as yet, little friend, See, there is hardly a daisy.
Page 44 - Pain, that has crawl'd from the corpse of Pleasure, a worm which writhes all day, and at night Stirs up again in the heart of the sleeper, and stings him back to the curse of the light; x.
Page 137 - Then, with a melody Stronger and statelier, Led me at length To the city and palace Of Arthur the King; Touch'd at the golden Cross of the churches, Flash'd on the tournament, Flicker'd and bicker'd From helmet to helmet, And last on the forehead Of Arthur the blameless Rested the Gleam.
Page 158 - If my body come from brutes, my soul uncertain, or a fable, Why not bask amid the senses while the sun of morning shines, I, the finer brute rejoicing in my hounds, and in my stable, Youth and Health, and birth and wealth, and choice of women and of wines ? What hast thou done for me, grim Old Age, save breaking my bones on the rack?
Page 11 - Are there thunders moaning in the distance? Are there spectres moving in the darkness? Trust the Hand of Light will lead her people, Till the thunders pass, the spectres vanish, And the Light is Victor, and the darkness Dawns into the Jubilee of the Ages.
Page 134 - Once at the croak of a Raven who crost it A barbarous people, Blind to the magic And deaf to the melody, Snarl'd at and cursed me. A demon vext me, The light retreated, The landskip darken'd, The melody deaden'd, The Master whisper'd, 'Follow the Gleam.
Page 122 - The silver year should cease to mourn and sigh — Not long to wait — So close are we, dear Mary, you and I To that dim gate.

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