Recueil de ma vie, mes ouvrages et mes pensées: Opuscule philosophique

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Ve A. Stapleaux, 1837 - 143 pages

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Page 45 - In principio erat Verbum et Verbum erat apud Deum; et Deus erat Verbum : hoc erat in principio apud Deum.
Page 94 - For modes of faith let graceless zealots fight; His can't be wrong whose life is in the right...
Page 92 - Father in mercy, forgiveness, and in all goodness; that they should do to others as they would that others should do to them...
Page 39 - L'orage a brisé le chêne Qui seul était mon soutien ; De son inconstante haleine Le zéphyr ou l'aquilon Depuis ce jour me promène De la forêt à la plaine, De la montagne au vallon . Je vais où le vent me mène; Sans me plaindre ou m'effrayer ; Je vais où va toute chose, Où va la feuille de rose, Et la feuille de laurier.
Page 110 - Informes hiemes reducit 15 luppiter, idem Summovet. Non, si male nunc, et olim Sic erit : quondam cithara tacentem Suscitat musam neque semper arcum Tendit Apollo. 20 Rebus angustis animosus atque Fortis appare ; sapienter idem Contrahes vento nimium secundo Turgida vela.
Page 56 - Soll ich mein letztes End und ersten Anfang finden, So muß ich mich in Gott und Gott in mir ergründen. Und werden das, was er: ich muß ein Schein im Schein, Ich muß ein Wort im Wort, ein Gott im Gotte sein.
Page 56 - Good, to whom all things ill Are but as slavish officers of vengeance, Would send a glistering guardian, if need were, To keep my life and honour unassailed...
Page 13 - Of each belov'd and honour'd friend, What tears of anguish roll ! In vain, in death's unconscious face, The living smile we seek to trace, That spoke from soul to soul.
Page 91 - I am not singular,' said Shelley to me one day, walking by Newgate, 'in disbelieving in Christianity; I am only singular in confessing it. Do you think if men really believed in the doctrines of the Sermon on the Mount they would hang their fellow creatures for stealing something from a dwelling-house to keep a family of children from starving, or send a soul to howl for ever in the regions of the damned, according to their...
Page 92 - ... they would that others should do to them? What has been the object of the crusades of old, in times of ascetic Christianity, but the plunder of Oriental riches; and what is modern merchandise in the west but the traffic in human blood; the Christian scourging the negroes at his work, and canting about carrying his own cross on his back ! No; let me hide my head from the world in honest infidelity, and dwelling amidst the beauties of Nature still hope that there may be a God of justice ! ' " —...

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