The Great Masquerade

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2007 - 116 pages
The most unique aspect of God is His ability to hide Himself. He has hidden in the most profound and foolish places. He is able to become anything and everything all that the same time. This book will depict God is His majesty, glory and humanity. His most scrupulous hiding place is in MAN. His first unveiling was through Jesus Christ, His Son; and now through a people being made in the image and likeness of that Son. The Bible clearly calls them the sons of God. Throughout generations since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, they have also become known as the Melchisedec Priesthood. Not much is known of these chosen vessels, for they are not born of flesh and blood, have no beginning or end, no record of their fleshly origin. They have been totally consumed by God, and the Word is becoming flesh (physical). Now, it no longer consist of one man, but many - Christ in us, the hope of glory. A seed form, but expanding into that great oak tree, of which others may come and find rest. The Bible contains the greatest mysteries of all time, and even the wisest of scholars cannot claim to be expound on its contents. Only the Holy Spirit and the Son know Him, and the promise to the saints that they shall know even as they are known. To be given the pure understanding, knowledge and wisdom of the greatest books ever written. We shall hope to open one's eyes as to the 'Great Masquerade' of the Lord. The prophet Isaiah states that God is a god that hides Himself. Our job as His creation, His people is to seek Him out, search for Him with our whole heart; and the promise is "we shall find Him."

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