Chapters of Early English Church History

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Clarendon Press, 1878 - 460 pages
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Page 229 - ... to excite the inhabitants of the earth to fear him ; to put them in mind of the future judgment ; to dispel their pride, and vanquish their boldness, by bringing into their thoughts...
Page 425 - Thou shalt send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created : and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
Page 202 - It brought religion straight home to men's heart's by sheer power of love and self sacrifice : it held up before them, in the unconscious goodness and nobleness of its representatives, the moral evidence for Christianity. It made them feel what it was to be taught and cared for, in the life spiritual, by pastors who before all things were the...
Page 48 - We beseech thee, O Lord, in all thy mercy, that thy anger and wrath be turned away from this city, and from thy holy house, because we have sinned. Hallelujah.
Page 95 - ... human hearts. He was not a Boniface, not an Anskar, not a Xavier, not a Martyn. His monastic training, carried on probably until he was past middle life, had tended to stiffen his mind and narrow his range of thought ; something of smallness, something of self-consciousness, some want of consideration for unfamiliar points of view, and different forms of experience, may be discerned in him without injustice, and thus explained without any ungenerous forgetfulness of the better side of the monastic...
Page 52 - O might we know ! for sore we feel The languor of delay, When sickness lets our fainter zeal, Or foes block up our way. Lord ! who Thy thousand years dost wait To work the thousandth part Of Thy vast plan, for us create With zeal a patient heart ! CLXIX.
Page 65 - ... grounds for believing, that not only at the beginning of the Gospel, but in ages long afterwards, believing prayer has received extraordinary answers, that it has been heard even in more than it might have dared to ask for. Yet again, if the gift of faith — the gift as distinguished from the grace— of the faith which removes mountains, has been given to any in later times in remarkable measure, the mighty works which such faith may have wrought, cannot be incredible in themselves to those...
Page 144 - Yet this I approve in him, that in the celebration of his Easter, the object which he had in view in all he said, did, or preached, was the same as ours, that is, the redemption of mankind, through the passion, resurrection and ascension into heaven of the man Jesus Christ, who is the Mediator betwixt God and man.
Page 274 - The Glory-Father* of men! How He, of all wonders The Eternal Lord, Formed the beginning. " He first created For the children of men Heaven as a roof, The Holy Creator ! Then, the world The Guardian of mankind, The Eternal Lord, Produced afterwards, — The earth for men, The Almighty Master!
Page 46 - they sang litanies, entreating the Lord for their own salvation and that of those for whom and to whom they came.

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