The Advancement of Learning

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Independently Published, 2021 M04 24 - 166 pages
THERE were under the law, excellent King, both daily sacrifices and freewillofferings; the one proceeding upon ordinary observance, the other upon a devoutcheerfulness: in like manner there belongeth to kings from their servants bothtribute of duty and presents of affection. In the former of these I hope I shall notlive to be wanting, according to my most humble duty and the good pleasure ofyour Majesty's employments: for the latter, I thought it more respective to makechoice of some oblation which might rather refer to the propriety and excellency ofyour individual person, than to the business of your crown and state.Wherefore, representing your Majesty many times unto my mind, and beholdingyou not with the inquisitive eye of presumption, to discover that which theScripture telleth me is inscrutable, but with the observant eye of duty andadmiration, leaving aside the other parts of your virtue and fortune, I have beentouched-yea, and possessed-with an extreme wonder at those your virtues andfaculties, which the philosophers call intellectual;

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