Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Vol. 2

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Quest Books, 1994 M07 1 - 320 pages
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In this insightful interpretation of the Holy Bible, the profound spiritual and power-bestowing truths of the sacred language of such Old Testament stories as 'the Creation', 'the Flood and Tower', 'the Life of Joseph as a Mystery Drama', and 'Moses and the Exodus' are liberated from their cryptic enclosure. The second of a two-part abridgement, published in 1994.

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Unfortunately, this book is an exasperating attempt to decipher allegory with the author's own allegory. I say this because during this time of important transformation of the world's consciousness from traditional brainwash, practically everywhere you turn you see remarkable works of exposure to the lies being presented in well written books and blogs, and here he is trying to invent some new meanings that he's implying to be helpful to us, when there's no possibility of anything presented in allegory being helpful to anyone who can read, or hear. Allegory itself is designed to mess with people's head. The only way to clean up garbage is to remove it. Period.
For instance, he says that god is truly meant as an inescapable law representing duality, which he could have shortened 200 to one word, namely, nature, but yet he's still talking about he and him as god throughout the entire book. Eve is cosmic matter and Adam is Spirit when most sober people know the opposite is true. Though he admits that there's no justification of the sun being the last thing created. Then he says that Eve from Adam's rib truly means that Adam represents the first and innocence and Eve is the separation from Adam. Does any of that sound different in meaning from the original allegory? Even somebody who believes this nonsense will be annoyed because all he left out was the bone! Then he says that Adam and Eve didn't commit any sin, neither has anyone ever!
This book isn't even worth reading for free, unless you're doing research into how some men are so strung out on religion that they're bent on making Santa Claus for adults credible in their own terms. For instance, I visited a top notch website well exposing all lies about bible that's been online for over decade, then the dude turns around and says that Jesus was real! I sent him an email asking how despite 99.9% of his website beautifully exposing lies, does he conclude Jesus to be the truth? Huh. I have yet to receive a reply and probably won't. And this guy here rambles on and on about evolutionary process and spiritual oneness. I doubt that he has any idea what he's talking about.


In the Beginning
Nature in All Her Kingdoms
In the Image of God
The Seventh Day
The Expulsion from Eden
Part Two The Flood and the Tower
Noah and the Ark
Wickedness and Grace
Joseph in Egypt
Joseph Reunited with His Brothers
Part Four
Jacobs Final Journey
The Joseph Cycle
The Burning Bush
Instructions from God
The Passover

The Tower of Babel
Part Three The Life of Joseph as a Mystery Drama
The Story of Joseph
An Allegory of the Law of Cycles
The Red Sea

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Geoffrey Hodson was an occultist, Theosophist, mystic, Liberal Catholic priest, philosopher and esotericist, and a leading light for over 70 years in the Theosophical Society.

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