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The Vicarage House* which is chiefly built of brick, but a Terrier of
small part of stone, covered with tiles.
rooms, which are all ceiled and have boarded floors. There
are beside a large pantry, three cellars, and a good back
It contains eleven Glebe Lands.
kitchen or brewhouse. There is a chaise-house built by the
late incumbent,† and a corn granary built by the present
vicar.‡ The other out-houses are a barn, cart-house, two
stables, and a coal-house,
court, and ground, the buildings stand on, contains in the
whole about one acre.
which with the garden,

* *


The Rig (divided into four closes)

Vicar's Croft (meadow land)

Black Hill (arable land)

New Black Hill

Common Close (with lane at east end)

Chapel Garths (with lane leading to Sigstone)

Knotta Hill (meadow close)

Three Arable Lands in Knotta Bottom field; Six Arable

Lands in same field; and Eight Arable Lands in same field

Pinfold Close

Little Field ..

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A Little Garden adjoining Brompton Church-yard
A Little Paddock on the east of Brompton lane

Sheep Coat Closes


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From Crosby Coates and Bank Head, in lieu of Tithes

Lazenby, in lieu of Tithes

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Executors of Henry Peirse, Esq., in lieu of Tithes..

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99 of Tobias Tomes,

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29 of Richard Dighton,

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Salvin's Close in lieu of Tithes

"" of Rev. W. Peacock

New Closes, sixpence an ox-gang for hay tithe
Stevenson's Close, in lieu of Tithes

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The customary fee for a churching is sevenpence, for a burial ninepence, for a wedding by banns two shillings.


The Easter Reckonings are, for a hen due at Saint Andrew's Day, sixpence; offerings for each communicant, twopence; for each cow, one penny; for each calf, where not a titheable number, an halfpenny; for a foal, one penny; for a plough, one penny; for gelt cattle, each twopence; Bees, each swarm, one penny; monthly tithe for sheep, fourpence a score. Mortuaries are customarily paid.

There are no timber or other trees growing in the Churchyard, and almost none of any considerable value growing upon any part of the glebe.

The vicar pays a yearly sum of sixteen pounds to the Dean and Chapter of Durham.

We have in the church of Northallerton five* bells, a large clock, one silver-plated flaggon, one silver paten (on which the arms of the Metcalfe's are engraved with an inscription underneath Ex dono E. M., 1702), a silver chalice and cover, on the chalice This cup belongs to Northallerton, a linen cloth for the Communion table, with a napkin and two surplices, a pulpit cloth and cushion with a valance for the Reading-desk. The books belonging to the church are an handsome folio bible in two volumes, a large common prayer book, another large folio bible and two folio common prayer books. The parishioners are charged with the repairs of the church and churchyard fence.

The common clerk's wages are, for a burial tenpence, a wedding by banns one shilling, and fourpence yearly from each family at Easter. The sexton's wages are, for a passing bell one shilling, a burial fee one shilling and twopence, for a wedding by banns sixpence.

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Quarter Ses


Extracted from the Published Journals of the North
Riding Record Society.

1605. Sessions held at THIRSKE, April 11. [9.] Treasurer named for sions Records. Lame Souldiours, Francis Lascelles of Northallerton, Gentn.

1605. Sessions held at STOKESLEY, July 9. [11.] [after citing the Statute 18 Eliz. against extortion under pretext of legal process]. Rob. Carver, of

* Three others have since been added, bringing up the peal to an octave.

+ Now disused, being quite dilapidated.

A rate of so much in the pound was assessed upon every parish according to its rateable value for the benefit of disabled'soldiers, &c., by the Act.

Northallerton, labr., and Tho. Mathew of the same, butcher, for extorting at Quarter Sesthe dwelling-house of Langley, widow, at Stokesley, 10s., under cover sions Records. of an information by the said Rob. Carver against Rob. Walker of Martonin-Cleveland, labr., and also a promise from the said Rob. Walker of the payment of 3s. 4d. more, &c.

1605. Held at RICHMONDE, July 11. [16.] The Churchwardens of Dighton Church, for nonpayment of asssessment in behalf of Lame Soldiours, and the Hospitals.*

Will. Nelson, of Northallerton, indicted for using the art and mystery of a glover,† applies for copy, &c. [bound by Recognizances in £10 to present his Traverse].

1605. Held at RICHMONDE, October 4. Chr. Scarlett, of Romondby, yoman, for shooting two doves in the vill of Romondby "in quodam tormento, Anglice a Foulinge peece, onerato pulvere et glandibus plumbeis, Anglice charged with powder and shott,‡ &c.

Will. Nelson (vid sup) also presents himself, pleads not guilty, and is acquitted by the same jury on the ground that he proves, producing Indenture dated 37th Elizth., his apprenticeship to Anth. Walker of Northallerton, to whom he served as apprentice for seven years, in right of which &c. He is therefore discharged.

1606. Held at RICHMONDE, Jan. 7. [26.] Will. Rainold and John Hutchinson of Brompton in Allertonshire, for tracing and killing hares in snow time.§

[26b.] ORDERS made at the same sessions, or a brief thereof.

ORDERED THAT Roger Robinson of Northallerton be licensed per curiam to kepe an alehouse there and have a License or Tickett for yt. purpose syned by Sir Conyers Darcy, Knt., and Adam Midlam, Esq.

1606. Held at THIRSKE, April 29. The Churchwardens of Dighton, for not paying the sums assessed there for Lame Soldiours and the Hospitals, Gabriell Coates of Northallerton, for keeping an alehouse without license, and also Roger Taylour, Will. Welfoot, Jane Smeaton, John Clarke, and Agnes Hewet, all of the same, for the like. [Per Marm. Rawson et Oswald Taylour, Cap. Const].

[346.] Anth. Blacklock of Northallerton (and eight others of different places) for killing divers calves under five years old, contra foram &c.||

1606. Held at HELMESLEY, July 10. [39b.] Henry Buttrye of East Ronckton and Rob. Carver of Northallerton, not considering nor fearing the statute of 18 Eliz. [c. 5] in the case of Will. Lepton of Huton juxta Rudby, blacksmith, taking 4s. from him by the hands of John Mease of Northallerton [Submitted, and fined £10 and to stand in the pillory.]

As Henry Buttry (vid sup) using the office of informer, and is not allowed and by extortion and other deceivable means hath received of diverse persons severall sommes of money &c., therefore he to stand on the pillorie at Northallerton two severall days, with a paper on his head with inscription testifying his cousinage &c., and that he used the office of Informer without the authority or license of His Maties. Attorney in the North, and to pay a fyne of xls. for each offence, in all £4. And, further, as the said Buttry has departed the Court without license, or payment of the said fynes &c., a warrant be made to attach him, and bring him before some Justice, there to be bound with good sureties &c.; or if he refuse, to carrie him to the Castle of York, there to remeyne &c.

* Probably "Hospit❜lis Sanct' Jacobi juxta North Alv'ton," and the other religious houses mentioned in the body of this work.

+On suspicion of not having served his apprenticeship.

By a statute 3, Edw. vi, c. 14, no person under the degree of a Lord of Parliament might shoot, under a penalty of £1, within any city or town at any fowl, or at any mark, nor with haile-shot or any more pellets than one at one time; and by an Act of 33 Henry viii, c. 6, in all plackards (licenses) to shoot, the names of the creatures to be shot at were to be specifically mentioned.

The penalty is affixed in 1 James, c. 27.

|| James, c. 52.

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[45b.] ORDERED THAT whereas Tho. Mathew of Northallerton, being an Informer, and heretofore indicted for extortion &c, and bound over with suretie to appeare at the then next Sessions to answer &c, and not to depart without license, did nevertheless depart and leave his surety liable, therefore a warrant &c.

1606. Held at MALTON, October 8. The former Order touching Henry Butry (vid sup) shall stand, and that a warrant be made to the bayliffs of the liberties of Langbargh and Allertonshire to see execution done; and the moiety of the fynes imposed upon him to be paid to Rowland Atkinson and Will. Maynard who did prosequute the cause against Butry, and the other moiety to be paid nowe in Court.

1607. Held at RICHMOND, January 16.


Cecilia wife of John Eshall of Northallerton, for not having been to Church for two years and more;* Anne wife of Gabriel Coates, for three years [often presented and still allowed to brewe and keep hostelrie]; Jane Raynold, widow (three years), Chr. Raynold and Anne his wife [married we knowe not where or by whom, have a child christened we knowe not where or by whom, not bene to Church this yeare and more], Tho. Lanchester and Margaret his wife [not at church this yeare and more], Tho. Scott and Jane his wife [married we knowe not &c,] all of Northallerton. [Maxima† peccandi illecebra impunitas. Qui non vetat peccare cum possit jubet. Amicorum vitia ferendo nostra facimus. Milis etiam qui parcit bonis nocet. Illis enim ignoscendo hoc perditum itur]. [Per Fr. Kay, Clericum, et per homagium]. Margaret wife of Rob. Hackforth of Dighton for Recusancy.

1607. Held at THIRSKE, April 14. Geo. Shotton of Synnymyre House, near Northallerton, alehousekeeper, for harbouring men's servants and other suspected persons in his house contrary to the statute, and Tho. Chilton of Northallerton for the like.

[At the Assizes and General Gaol delivery holden at York Castle on July 13, 1607, an Order was made for the provision of a House of Correction at Thirske, "to serve the whole North-Riding;" and for the appointment of a Gaoler "to keepe and sett on worke such prisoners as shall be committed to the same house," a fee of 5/- or 3/4 to be paid by each prisoner according to his ability, either on his delivery or discharge].

1607. Held at RICHMOND, July 7. Chr. Wind, Senr. of Brompton by Northallerton, for an assault committed "uno baculo sive flagello, called a long gadd," on Henry Wilbert less than fourteen years old, and Anne Peycock, less than nine &c.

1607. Held at RICHMOND, October 8. Northallerton towne for not scowring the ditches on either side of the Kinge's highe waie in a lane at a

* Recusancy-nonconformity to the established religion of the land. Hitherto the clergy of Northallerton have had no reason to complain of the orthodoxy of their parishioners, but here we have a batch presented from Northallerton, not only as being tainted with papish notions, but for obstinately refusing to submit. The Curate as well as the Churchwardens and other officers of the parish were in all cases under injunction to present Recusants. James I in order to protect himself from the odium of secretly favouring popery, found it necessary to press with impartial rigour upon the Roman Catholics. (Mackintosh, England, iv, 184). He therefore issued a proclamation renewing the legal fine of £20 per month upon all Recusants, and even claiming arrears of the same; greater severity in their persecution was shown than of old and as Green states (short History, p. 463) "six thousand Catholics were presented as Recusants in one year. (Vide Qua. Sess. Rec., vol. 1, p. 4.)

+These sentences are inserted in quite a different style of handwriting, and possibly afford a curious illustration of the condition of the writer's mind. (Vide Qua. Sess. Rec., vol. 1, p. 66.)

Mr. Kay was the thirtieth Vicar of Northallerton. (Vide pp. 76, 79.) Halliwell's second sense for the word Gad is " spear; a pole pointed with metal. The last sense is still in use." The gad used in driving oxen, locally ouse-gad, or ox-prod, was a long shaft with a sharp point or prick at one end, and a lash at the other. These were probably the gaddes of the text. (Vide Records, p. 78.)

place called Warebranck Lane adjoyning to Vicar's Croft. [fyne xs. assessed Quarter Ses. upon the original presentment]. sions Records.

John Allason of Northallerton for suffering lewd persons to be in his house, being an alehouse: fined 10s.

1608. Held at MALTON, January 12. Cuthbert Kearton of Northallerton, alehouse-keeper, for useing much drinking with men's servants in the night-tyme. 1608. Held at THIRSKE, April 5. Rog. Robinson of Northallerton, alehouse-keeper, for receyving men's servants and others and suffering them to use drinking and disorder &c.

Rob. Wright of Bedall, for receyving and reteyning Elizabeth Smithe servant to Tho. Danby of Romanby in Allertonshire, without a testimoniall [Per Marm. Rawson et Oswald Tailour: Cap. Const.]

1608. Held at RICHMOND, Oct. 11 and 12. Tho. Best of Dighton for keeping an alehouse and brewing without license.

1609. Held at HELMSLEY, January 10. Fr. Lascelles of Northallerton for buying of greater sommes of barley in Thirske Markett than the markett will beare,* sometimes himself, sometimes his sonne, and other some tymes his man, he keeping three kilnes for drying malt weekly.

1609. Held at NORTHALLERTON, January 12. [136b.] Phillip Deane, Roger Lambe, and Will. Nelson, all of Northallerton, alehouse-keepers, for suffering excessive drinking &c.

Also Rich. Ward, George Staynes, and Will. Nelson, glover, constables of Northallerton, for suffering rogues &c, to wander and beg unpunished &c. Will. Flower of Northallerton, tailour, Thomas Flower and Rich. Thornton of the same, for taking wages by the daie† contrary to the statute sett downe by the Justices.

Anth. Blacklock, Will. Harrison and Roger Wilkinson, all of Northallerton, for making malt without lycence.

1609. Held at THIRSKE, July 11 and 12. Whereas Chr. Skarlett of Northallerton, on his oath, is in fear his house may be burnt by Chr. Bell of the same, a warrant to be made to attach the said Bell &c.

1609. Held at RICHMONDE, July 14. Chr. Paycock of Romanby, the Constable and Inhabitants of Siggeston, those of Dighton, and those of Birkby, for not keeping the night watch.

1609. Held at RICHMOND, October 6.

ORDERS made &c.

Whereas Chr. Cook of the Citty of York, inholder, deposeth on oath that John Keath of Danby Wiske, knowing of the warrant graunted from this Court for his apprehension, nevertheless said to Mr. Tyndall and others that he would submit himself to never a Justice of them all, and also that the said Keath being in Northallerton, the Constable of Yafforth and ors. having the same warrant and assaying to take the said Keath, he runn away leaping and shaking his heeles, saying comme take me, comme take me, not yelding himself to the same warrant a warrant be made directed to the

Sheriffs and to all bailiffs and constables to take the said Keath &c.

1610. Held at NORTHALLERTON, July 12. Rob. Duckdale late of Carliell, glover, Geo. Harrison late of Belgrave, co. Lancashire, labr., Rob. Melmerby late of Richmond, butcher, Elizth. Gryme, late of Lincolne, spinster, Anne Gryme late of Nottingham, spinster, Anne Latham of Brunton, spinster, and Andrew Lawson, late of labr., as being rogues and vagabonds &c. [Side-note.-Sentence of the Court, the three men to be branded, sedente Curia, with the letter R on the left shoulder, and the women to be whipped at the same time in Northallerton.]


161. Held at RICHMOND, Jany. II. John Clarke of Thirne for playing at cardes for money at Northallerton to the undoeing of his wieff and children.

* Under the act for restraining excessive malt-making, 39 Eliz., c. 16.

+ Any person retained into service to work for any less time than a whole year in

any the arts of a

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tailor, shoemaker, &c., shall be fined &c.

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