The Modern Language Review, Volume 9

Front Cover
John George Robertson, Charles Jasper Sisson
Modern Humanities Research Association, 1914
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The Modern Language Review (MLR) is an interdisciplinary journal encompassing the following fields: English (including United States and the Commonwealth), French (including Francophone Africa and Canada), Germanic (including Dutch and Scandinavian), Hispanic (including Latin-American, Portuguese, and Catalan), Italian, Slavonic and East European Studies, and General Studies (including linguistics, comparative literature, and critical theory).

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Page 32 - Nor do not saw the air too much with your hand, thus ; but use all gently, for in the very torrent, tempest, and, as I may say, whirlwind of your passion, you must acquire and beget a temperance that may give it smoothness. O, it offends me to the soul to hear a robustious periwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters, to very rags, to split the ears of the groundlings...
Page 22 - What is a man, If his chief good and market of his time Be but to sleep and feed? a beast, no more. Sure he that made us with such large discourse, Looking before and after, gave us not That capability and god-like reason To fust in us unus'd.
Page 161 - The second way is that of paraphrase, or translation with latitude, where the author is kept in view by the translator, so as never to be lost, but his words are not so strictly followed as his sense, and that too is admitted to be amplified, but not altered.
Page 35 - ... faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither •with modesty enough, and likelihood to lead it : As thus ; Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth to dust; the dust is earth; of earth we make loam : And why of that loam, whereto he was converted, might they not stop a beer-barrel ? Imperious Caesar, dead, and turn'd to clay, Might stop a hole to keep the wind away...
Page 36 - Doubt thou the stars are fire ; Doubt that the sun doth move ; Doubt truth to be a liar ; But never doubt I love.
Page 444 - Isle, ocean, and all things that in them wear The form and character of mortal mould, Rise as the Sun their father rose, to bear Their portion of the toil, which he of old Took as his own, and then imposed on them...
Page 32 - There, on the pendent boughs her coronet weeds Clambering to hang, an envious sliver broke; When down her weedy trophies and herself Fell in the weeping brook.
Page 445 - Were lost : — I heard alone on the air's soft stream The music of their ever-moving wings. All the four faces of that charioteer Had their eyes banded ; little profit brings Speed in the van and blindness in the rear, Nor then avail the beams that quench the sun, Or that with banded eyes could pierce the sphere Of all that is, has been, or will be dore.
Page 30 - That for some vicious mole of nature in them As in their birth wherein they are not guilty Since nature cannot choose his origin By the o'ergrowth of some complexion Oft breaking down the pales and forts of reason Or by some habit that too much o'er-leavens The form of plausive manners...
Page 31 - Thou'dst meet the bear i' the mouth. When the mind's free The body's delicate; the tempest in my mind Doth from my senses take all feeling else Save what beats there.

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