Quellen und Forschungen zur Sprach- und Kulturgeschichte der germanischen Völker, Volumes 103-105

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Walter de Gruyter, 1909

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Page 110 - Poetry, — compil'd with great Care from their several Originals, and offer'd to the Publick as Specimens of the Integrity that should be found in the Editions of worthy Authors, — in three Parts ; containing, I.
Page 92 - ... when a boy he was immoderately fond of reading romances of chivalry, and he retained his fondness for them through life ; so that...
Page 118 - The taste of the age, so far as it regards plan and style, seems to have been carried to its utmost height, as may appear in the works of Akenside, Gray's Odes and Churchyard Verses, and Mason's Monody and Elfrida. The public has seen all that art can do, and they want the more striking efforts of wild, original, enthusiastic genius.
Page 44 - Die, hin und her gekrümmt, sich im entfernen schmälern. Dort senkt ein kahler Berg die glatten Wände nieder, Den ein verjährtes Eis dem Himmel gleich gethürmt, Sein frostiger Krystall schickt alle Strahlen wieder, Den die gestiegne Hitz im Krebs umsonst bestürmt.
Page 106 - Then learn, with her beauty, to copy her air, Nor venture too much to reveal: Our fancies will paint what you cover with care, And double each charm you conceal.
Page 70 - Ich häufe ungeheure Zahlen, Gebürge Millionen auf Ich wälze Zeit auf Zeit und Welt auf Welten hin, Und wann ich auf der March des Endlichen nun bin Und von der fürchterlichen Höhe Mit Schwindeln wieder nach dir sehe, Ist alle Macht der Zahl, vermehrt mit tausend Malen, Noch nicht ein Teil von dir; Ich tilge sie, und du liegst ganz vor mir.
Page 118 - I know not how far you will allow the distinction or the principle on which I build my remark, namely, that the taste of the present age is somewhat higher than its genius. This turn, you see, favours the work the translator has to publish, or has published already. Here is indeed pure original genius ! The very quintessence of poetry; a few drops of which, properly managed, are enough to give a flavour to quart-bottles. And yet one or two of these pieces (the first, for instance, together with the...
Page 2 - You pique my curiosity extremely by the mention of that ancient manuscript, as there is nothing gives me greater pleasure than the simplicity of style and sentiment that is observable in old English ballads. If aught could add to that pleasure, it would be an opportunity of perusing them in your company at the Leasowes, and pray do not think of publishing them until you have given me that opportunity.
Page 108 - THERE is a kind of counter-taste, founded on surprise and curiosity, which maintains a sort of rivalship with the true; and may be expressed by the name Concetto. Such is the fondness of some persons for a knife-haft made from the royal oak, or a tobaccostopper from a mulberry-tree of Shakespeare's own planting.
Page 42 - You will perhaps be surprised when I tell you, that Mr. Dodsley & I have broke off all treaty on the subject of the old Ballads. James Dodsley is generous enough & offered me terms that would have repaid my Labour, but his brother (who, if you remember, had never much opinion of the work) has, I suppose, persuaded him to desist, for the other has receded from his own offers and we are now quite off, as the trading term is...

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