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Epistolare in usum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Aberdonensis

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The Kalendar and Epistolare are edited by REV. Bruce M'EWEN, B.D., D.PHIL.; the Preface is contributed by REV. PROFESSOR W. A. CURTIS, D.D.; and the Introduction by FRANCIS C. EELES, F.S.A. Scot.



6-29-28 17403


ENCIRCLED with ageing trees upon its high ridge above the Don, and surrounded by the graves of generations of its parish folk whom its bells have welcomed to worship within its sanctuary or to rest in its shadow, the venerable Cathedral of Old Aberdeen casts an unfailing spell upon all who see it, still more on those who serve within it. To that spell my friend and comrade, Bruce M'Ewen, at once surrendered when the call reached him to become one of its collegiate ministers. Its stones and its very dust were dear and sacred to him. Its traditions and records and memories stirred his heart. And of that loving piety this volume forms a touching memorial, worthy to be associated with the beautiful Window and Table and Lectern within the edifice, and with the Cross above his resting-place in the old chancel outside. Scholar and antiquary, preacher and churchman, soldier and patriot, man and brother, death fastened upon him on the field of war and claimed him after a brief respite in the time of peace. The opening and the closing lessons in the Epistolary now published from his pen have a peculiar fitness when we think of him. The one is from Romans: "Hora est jam nos de somno surgere. Nunc enim propior est nostra salus: quam cum credidimus. Nox præcessit: dies autem appropinquavit. Abjiciamus ergo opera tenebrarum, et induamur arma lucis." The other, for use "in time of war," is from Esther's prayer: "Miserere populo tuo: quia volunt nos inimici nostri perdere et hereditatem tuam delere. Converte luctum nostrum in gaudium: ut viventes laudemus nomen tuum, et ne claudas ora canentium te: Domine Deus noster." A good shepherd, he was no hireling. Both rod and staff were in his hand. He gave his life for his sheep. A good soldier

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