Help Lord, Make Us One!: The Journey Through

Front Cover
Xlibris Corporation, 2006 M05 1 - 352 pages
Help Lord, Make Us One! The Journey Through is a four-part journey focused on helping the reader process through life with God. Through obedience to and receiving the plan of God the reader will reconcile to God while being delivered from their personal Egypt. The reader will be challenged to make up his/her mind to serve God and evaluate their many choices in life. The second portion of the book deals with reconciling to oneself as the reader goes through the wilderness and personal closets of their life (removing the masks and getting rid of the extra baggage). Deliverance is the theme of the second portion and allows the soil of the reader's heart to loosen or break up so the Word of God can be planted deeper. The reader will be challenged to make up his/her mind to unveil God's hidden treasure planted deep inside of them. The third portion of the journey reveals a need to reconcile to humanity. Through divine revelations the reader will be restored to God and then reach out to humanity. As the reader begins to apply the Word of God (rightly) true restoration to the body of Christ is fortified. Lastly, the reader will be reminded that life is a continuous journey. Individually and collectively we must make a choice to endure the process. God had to take me through many places (caves, valleys, ditches, Hell, a state of being lost and the furnace of affliction) to develop my testimony. God made my comfort zone uncomfortable to push me on purpose. Yes, the process continues! Allow me to share that by definition revelation means to uncover. Whether it uncovers the truth or exposes the lie, divine revelation from the Lord is intended to help us move into our destiny. As we journey through the process called life often we focus on going deeper into the Word of God. But, for this journey our responsibility is to allow the Word of God to go deeper in us. This journey begins, is centered around and will ultimately end up challenging you to confirm your relationship with Christ. It is this relationship that will stand as the foundation of your divine connection for eternity. How will you journey through? Have you believed what God has said to you? Have you ever thought you were the only one with an assignment through the valley? Have you ever been processed by God and considered giving up? Well I came to help push you into your destiny. As you face the person in the mirror daily, I believe you will catch the revelation that God loved you through your process on purpose! Now that you have endured the storm, the rain, the hurt and the pain, you cannot afford to quit. Someone needs your true testimony. Now the time has come to Journey Through.

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