The Gospel According to Saint Mark in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions Synoptically Arranged, with Collations Exhibiting All the Readings of All the Mss

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Walter William Skeat
The University Press, 1871 - 144 pages

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Page i - The Gospel according to St Matthew in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged : with Collations of the best Manuscripts. By JM KEMBLE, MA and Archdeacon HARDWICK.
Page xvii - ... Glosses to the Latin text have come down to us — the Lindisfa/rne Gospels and the Rushworth Gospels. It may be explained that a gloss differs from a translation in that it construes the text word for word, between the lines, without much regard to the grammatical arrangement. It simply supplies a clue to the meaning of the words of the original separately. The Lindisfarne Gospels, also known as the Durham Book, is one of the most valued treasures in our national collection, being one of the...
Page ix - Catal. p. sn, su. iu the niiJJle to fit the injured vellum, and made fast by transparent paper, gummed to the edges of the paper and the vellum ; the MS. can, therefore, be easily read on both sides. It is now bound in two large folio vols. Sir Frederic Madden tells us — that twenty-five folios are lost since Wanley described it. The first small fragment of this MS. now remaining is from folio 36, which Sir F.
Page ii - Saxon ecclesiastics who was distinguished for learning. In his treatise ' De Laudibus Virginitatis ' he praises certain nuns for their daily study of the Holy Scriptures, a fact which seems to indicate that there was then extant a vernacular translation of the Bible. 'The Anglo-Saxon version, discovered in the Royal Library at Paris about the beginning of the present century, has been supposed to be, at least in part, Aldhelm's productioa The first fifty Psalms are in prose, the others in verse.
Page 83 - Magister, volumus ut quodcumque petierimus facias nobis." 36. At ille dixit eis: " Quid vultis ut faciam vobis ? " 37. Et dixerunt: " Da nobis ut, unus ad dexteram tuam et alius ad sinistram tuam, sedeamus in gloria tua.
Page 117 - Et cum processisset paululum, procidit super terram : et orabat , ut si fieri posset , transiret ab eo hora : 36 et dixit : Abba pater , omnia tibi possibilia sunt, transfer calicem hunc a me, sed non quod ego volo, sed quod tu.
Page xi - It consists of 258 leaves of thick vellum (13^2 by 9^2 inches) and contains the four gospels in Latin, written in double columns with an interlinear Northumbrian gloss, together with St. Jerome's Epistle to Pope Damasus, the Eusebian Canons, two prefaces, short notices of the four Evangelists, arguments of the sections into which the Gospels are divided, and tables of lessons to be read on Sundays, festivals, etc.
Page 105 - Trad et autem frater fratrem in mortem, et pater filium: et consurgent filii in parentes, et morte afficient eos.
Page 71 - Et exclamans, et mulluin discerpens eum exiit ab eo , et factus est sicut mortuus , ita ut multi dicerent : Quia mortuus est . 26.
Page 113 - Et quaerebat quomodo illura opportune traderet. (12) Et primo die Azymorum quando Pascha immolabant, dicunt ei discipuli: — Quo vis eamus, et paremus tibi ut manduces Pascha? (13) Et mittit duos ex discipulis suis, et dicit eis: — Ite in civitatem, et occurret vobis homo lagenam aquae bajulans, sequimini eum: (14) Et quocumque introierit, dicite domino domus quia Magister dicit: « Ubi est refectio mea, ubi Pascha cura discipulis meis manducem?

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