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CHAP. XIV. 1. Margin of L.; the MS. has “io. xxuiii,” an error for "io. xx.” 2. R. pofolce, alt. to folce; the scribe began to write populi. 3. L. on, alt. to in; in the gloss to in. L. gebrecen, alt. to gebrocen. 4. L. ungenti; but in v. 5, unguentum. 5. L. bifgedon (they trembled) translates tremebant, not fremebant. 11. L. gefeande, alt. to gefeando. 22. R. wrongly has etendum onfeng him onfeng. 23. Royal MS. has heon for heom. L. gedruncun, alt. to gedruncon. 26. L. oelebeame, alt. to oelebeama. 47. L. ofslog, alt. to slog. 66. L. sunduria, for sundria. 72. L. weopa, alt. to woepa.

[blocks in formation]

in L. The word cursendo is written like our-
sendo; but see the Rushworth gloss. 21. There
is a curl over er in faeder in L.
30. L. hrode,
alt. to rode. 32. L. gelefed, alt. to gelefe.
36. L.
36. L. unsettenne, alt. to unsettanne. 41. R.
galelæ, alt. to galilæ. 43. L. biddend, alt. to
bidend; R. biddende.

CHAP. XVI. 5. L. ufa h ymbgearuad; but the h has a stroke through it, as if to strike it out. It may be for hoc or hoc est, and may mean that ufa is as good a translation as ymb of the prefix co in coopertum. 9. L. Surgens, with a capital. This seems to suggest that a new subsection was intended to begin here, but subsections 234, 235 are left unmarked.

cobas. 17. There is a long curl over æ in hrægle


Page 4, last line; for parobolam read parabolam.

Page 5, last three lines; see the remarks in the preface, p. xxiii.

Page 15, verse 45; in the gloss to "esse," for wæs were, read was were.
Page 21, verse 25; for huæt read huætd.

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26, in the lower text; for nympe read nymde.

Page 26. The large capitals should be the same as in col. 2, p. 34.

Page 27, line 2; for sanctum read sanctum.

Page 60, col. 1, footnotes to verse 6; add "C. hig (last time)." Cf. pref. p. x.

Page 62, col. 1, footnotes to verse 20; for B. seofan read B. C. seofan. In footnotes to verse 21, for A. B. omit

ge read A. B. C. omit ge. In footnote to verse 22, add C. anne. Cf. pref. p. x.

Page 72, col. 1, footnotes to verse 33; for B. smeada read B. C. smeada. Cf. pref. p. x.

Page 76, col. 1, footnotes to ch. x., verse 2; add C. fandiende. In the footnotes to verse 5, for A. heardnysse, read A. C. heardnysse. In the footnotes to verse 6, for B. wæpned, &c. read B. C. wæpned, &c. Cf. pref. p. x. Page 78, col. 1, footnote to verse 18; add C. hi [for hwi].

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Page 80, col. 1, footnotes to verse 27; for A. B. hig read A. B. C. hig. To footnote to verse 29, add C. us [for hus]. To footnote to verse 30, add C. ecce.

Page 86, col. 1, footnotes to verse 6; for A. B. hig read A. B. C. hig, twice over.

Page 87, verse 3; in the gloss to "dimittet," for forlætes read forletes.

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lower text, cap. xi. v. 2; for monn read mon.

Page 89, lower text; verse 9 should be continued down to the word "drihtnes."

Page 96, col. 1, verse 18. Insert . after sỹ.

Page 100, col. 1. The rubric to v. 41 has been accidentally omitted; MS. A has Sedens iesus contra gazophilacium. In the footnotes, v. 34, for A. eart read A. B. eart.

Page 131, lower text; in v. 43, read hælendes, and in v. 46, wutudlice.


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