Bibliotheca Orientalis, Or, A Complete List of Books, Papers, Serials and Essays Published in ... in England and the Colonies, Germany and France on the History, Languages, Religions, Antiquities, Literature and Geography of the East, Volume 6

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Trübner, 1876

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Page 35 - NALOPAKHYANAM, OR, THE TALE OF NALA ; containing the Sanskrit Text in Roman Characters, followed by a Vocabulary in which each word is placed under its root, with references to derived words in Cognate Languages, and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the Rev. THOMAS JARRETT, MA Trinity College, Regius Professor of Hebrew, late Professor of Arabic, and formerly Fellow of St Catharine's College, Cambridge.
Page 25 - Lethbridge. — A SHORT MANUAL OF THE HISTORY OF INDIA. With an Account of INDIA AS IT is. The Soil, Climate, and Productions ; the People, their Races, Religions, Public Works, and Industries ; the Civil Services, and System of Administration. By ROPER...
Page 53 - The Personal Law of the Mahommedans (according to all the Schools). Together with a Comparative Sketch of the Law of Inheritance among the Sunnis and Shiahs. By SYED AMEEB ALI, Moulvi, MA, LL.B., Barristerat-Law, and Presidency Magistrate at Calcutta.
Page 32 - HINDU PHILOSOPHY. THE SANKHYA KARIKA OF IS'WARA KRISHNA. An Exposition of the System of Kapila, with an Appendix on the Nyaya and Vais'eshika Systems. BY JOHN DAVIES, MA (Cantab.), MRAS The system of Kapila contains nearly all that India has produced in the department of pure philosophy.
Page 30 - (Mahabharata), "Proverbial Wisdom " from the Shlokas of the Hitopadesa, and other Oriental Poems. BY EDWIN ARNOLD, CSI, Author of "The Light of Asia.
Page 53 - An English-Arabic Lexicon. In which the equivalent for English Words and Idiomatic Sentences are rendered into literary and colloquial Arabic.
Page 56 - The Arabic Manual. Comprising a condensed Grammar of both Classical and Modern Arabic ; Reading Lessons and Exercises, with Analyses and a Vocabulary of useful Words. By Prof. EH PALMIB, MA, &c., Author of " A Grammar of the Arabic Language.
Page 1 - Atsume Gusa, pour servir à la connaissance de l'Extrême Orient. Recueil publié par F. Turrettini.
Page 40 - Er-Rumi. Book the First. Together with some Account of the Life and Acts of the Author, of his Ancestors, and of his Descendants. Illustrated by a selection of Characteristic Anecdotes as collected by their Historian Mevlana Shemsu-'d-Dm Ahmed, El Eflakl El Arifi. Translated, and the Poetry Versified by James W.
Page 48 - Vol. II. COINS OF THE JEWS. Being a History of the Jewish Coinage and Money in the Old and New Testaments.

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