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Outlines of International Law.

By Lieut.-Col. George B. Davis.

Professor of International Law at the U. S. Military Academy.

The generally disturbed conditions prevailing on the Continent and the extension of our interests in the East make this subject one of which every intelligent citizen should have some knowledge. Col. Davis's book has been brought absolutely up to date and is undoubtedly the most practical work on the subject.

Cloth, $2.50.

The Nicaragua Puerto Rico-Its


By W. E. Simmons. A study of its history and origin, a record of treaties, concessions, work done and remaining to be done, together with an interesting sketch of the people, customs and laws of Nicaragua.

With Large Map and Illustrations, $1.25.

Life of

W. H. Seward.

By Frederic Bancroft.

The Chicago Times-Herald says: "Mr. Bancroft has produced a work that will stand wear. It is critical, discriminating and interest compelling."

In the preparation of this biography the author has had access to much entirely new and valuable material.

Two Volumes, Portrait, $5.00.

Conditions and Possibilities

By William Dinwiddie.

In view of the general interest which has been aroused by the discussions of the Puerto Rican tariff bill, Mr. Dinwiddie's book, which has to do largely with economic conditions on the island, should have a renewed popularity.

Illustrated, Cloth, $2.50.

Wealth against Commonwealth

By Henry D. Lloyd.

In view of the prominence of the trust problem as an issue in the coming Presidential campaign this work has a new interest. Public Opinion says of it: "His indictment of trusts and combinations is one of the most masterly attacks ever made upon an evil and ruinous system of economics."

Popular Edition, $1.00.

Our Presidents-and How We Make Them.

By Col. A. K. McClure.

Colonel McClure's political and journalistic experience extends over a period of half a century. He has known many of the presidential candidates, and has been in personal contact with every national convention during that time. In his reminiscences he gives especial attention to Lincoln and Blaine, and the entire narrative is embellished with the hitherto unpublished details of political incidents, such as the quarrel between Buchanan and Forney and that between Cleveland and Dana, showing their bearing on national politics. Another important feature is a detailed account of every ballot taken in the national conventions of the past fifty years.

With Portraits, $2.50.

Harper & Brothers, Publishers.

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