Why Christians Will Suffer "Great Tribulation": The Sequel to the End Times Passover

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AuthorHouse, 2007 M02 7 - 260 pages

This sequel to The End Times Passover [Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation] biblically proves why Gods true disciples will experience great tribulation, and will have to remain on earth awaiting the return of Jesus Christ.

Most evangelical Christians believe in The Rapture, they just dont know if its going to be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, or a Mid or Post Tribulation Rapture. Regardless, many evangelicals believe the Rapture is right around the corner. They believe that Armageddon is knocking at the door. The crisis and battles for territorial rights in the Middle East, the outbreak of Holy Wars and terrorism throughout the world, have most evangelicals convinced the end is near! But, they arent worried because their hopes lie in The Rapture; a unique event where they believe Jesus Christ will return to earth and snatch them secretly up to heaven while all hell breaks loose on earth!

But, what would happen if there wasnt going to be a Rapture? What would happen if all of those stories they have been hearing and reading about not being Left Behind were nothing but sheer lies? Would that concern them? Are they prepared to experience great tribulation?

This sequel to The End Times Passover (Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation) biblically proves why Gods true disciples will experience horrible persecution while awaiting the final return of Jesus Christ. However, many of these brave disciples will be found preaching the gospel as never before, regardless of the price! Millions of themmay even be slaughtered, but they will die for Christ the way He died for them! This may not sound like Good News; but its absolutely true! Check out the reasons why!



Chapter One
Pauls Tribulations
Chapter 329
Tribulations in Revelation
Chapter 8125
Chapter 11201
Chapter 12217

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A 20-year veteran news reporter and talk show host, Joe Ortiz has the distinction of being the first Mexican American to host an English-language talk show on a commercial radio station, beginning on KABC-AM in 1971. He also conducted radio and television talk shows at KLOS-FM (72-73); KCBS (then KNXT) Television (72-74); KPFK-FM Radio (where he was Chief News Reporter from 75-76) and the "Prime Time With Joe Ortiz" show, which aired on KPPC-AM in Pasadena (85-86) and KPZE-AM in Anaheim (88-89). He also starred in a 6-9 a.m., weekday, drive time show (Mornings With Joe & Cris) with comedian Cris Franco at KPZE-AM Radio in 1989. His last stint on radio was in 1992 as a substitute host for Dennis Prager on KABC TALK Radio during the Persian Gulf War. In 1976, he received a Golden Mike Award for news reporting while at KPFK-FM Radio and the Angel Award for Best Talk Show Host in 1973 while hosting the shows The Siesta Is Over and Bienvenidos at KCBS Television in Los Angeles. In the November, 1989 issue of Hispanic Business, he was named to that national magazine's "100 Most Influential Hispanics in The US" for his broadcasting excellence, along with Geraldo Rivera, actress Rita Moreno, comedian Paul Rodriguez and many other distinguished Latinos leaders. Educated at the University of California at Riverside and UCLA, he holds California State credentials authorizing him to teach Public Relations, Public Affairs Broadcasting, Human Relations in Business, and Personnel Training and Related Occupations. He has taught at Riverside City College and both Los Angeles and Riverside Unified School Districts. The author's two web sites are : http://sites.google.com/site/theendtimespassover/main-page and http://sites.google.com/site/joeortizassociates/Home

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