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F A FORM to be used in common prayer every VIII. Wednesday and Friday, within the city and Diocese of Sarum: to excite all godly people to pray unto God for the delivery of those Christians that are now invaded by the Turk.

¶ Imprinted at London
by Jhon Waley.

The Preface.

ii. Par. xx.

FORASMUCH as the Isle of Malta (in old time called Melite, where S. Paul arrived when he was sent to Rome) Acts xxviii. lying near unto Sicily and Italy, and being as it were the key of that part of Christendom, is presently invaded with a great Army and navy of Turks, infidels and sworn enemies of christian religion, not only to the extreme danger and peril of those Christians that are besieged, and daily assaulted in the holds and forts of the said Island, but also of all the rest of the countries of Christendom adjoining; it is our parts, which for distance of place cannot succour them with temporal relief, to assist them with spiritual aid: that is to say, with earnest, hearty, and fervent prayer, to Almighty God for them, desiring him after the examples of Moses, Josaphat, Exod. xvii. Ezechias, and other godly men, in his great mercy to defend iiii. Reg. xix. and deliver Christians professing his holy name, and in his Justice to repress the rage and violence of Infidels, who by all tyranny and cruelty labour utterly to root out not only true Religion, but also the very name and memory of Christ our only Saviour, and all christianity; and if they should prevail against the Isle of Malta, it is uncertain what further peril might follow to the rest of Christendom. And although it is every christian man's duty, of his own devotion to pray at all times, yet for that the corrupt nature of man is so slothful and negligent in this his duty, he hath need by often and sundry means to be stirred up, and put in remembrance of his duty. For the effectual accomplishment whereof it is ordered and appointed as followeth.

Psal. lxxix. and lxxiv.

First, that all Pastors and Curates shall exhort their Parishioners to endeavour themselves to come unto the Church, with as many of their family as may be spared from their necessary business, and they to resort thither, not only upon Sundays and holy days, but also upon Wednesdays and Fridays, during this dangerous and perilous time: exhorting them there reverently and godly to behave themselves, and with penitent minds, kneeling on their knees, to lift up their hearts, and pray to the merciful God to turn from us, and all Christendom, those plagues and punishments, which we and they through our unthankfulness and sinful lives have deserved.

Secondly, that the said Pastors and Curates shall then distinctly and plainly read the general confession appointed in the book of service, with the residue of the morning prayer unto the first lesson.

Then for the first lesson shall be read one of the chapters hereafter following, or so much thereof as is appointed.

Exod. xiiii. Exod. xv. unto these words: And Miriam a Prophetess. &c. Exod. xvii. beginning at these words: Then came Amelech and fought with Israel. &c. Judges. vii. The first of the Kings. xxiii. beginning at these words: Then came the Ziphites to Saul. &c. unto the end of the chapter. iiii. of the Kings. vii. iiii. of the Kings. xix. The second of the Chronicles, or Paralipomenon. xx.

After that, instead of Te Deum, laudamus, that is to say, We praise thee, O God, shall be said the .li. Psalm: Have mercy upon me, O God. &c.

Then immediately after shall be said the Creed: I believe in God the Father. &c. and after that, the accustomed prayers following, unto the end of the Morning prayer.

That done, the Litany shall be said in the mids of the people, unto the end of the Collect in the same Litany, which beginneth with these words: We humbly beseech thee, O Father. &c. And then shall follow this Psalm to be said of the Minister with the answer of the people.

¶ The Psalm.

O God, the Heathen are come into thine inheritance: thine adversaries roar in the mids of thy congregations, and set up their banners for tokens.

They have set fire upon thy holy places, and have defiled the dwelling Psal. lxxiv. place of thy name, and destroyed them even unto the ground.

The dead bodies of thy servants have they given to be Psal. Ixxix. meat unto the fowls of the air, and the flesh of thy Saints unto the beasts of the land.

Their blood have they shed like water on every side of Hierusalem, Psal. Ixxix. and there was no man to bury them.

And so we are become an open shame to our enemies, a Psal. Ixxix. very scorn and derision unto them that are round about us.

Lord, how long wilt thou be angry? Shall thy jealousy burn like Psal. Ixxix. fire for ever?

O GOD, wherefore art thou absent from us so long, why Psal. Ixxiv. is thy wrath such against the Sheep of thy pasture?

O remember not our old sins, but have mercy upon us, and that soon, Psal. Ixxix. for we are come to great misery.

But think upon the congregation, whom thou hast pur- Psal. lxxiv. chased, and redeemed of old.

Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name: Oh Psal. Ixxix. deliver us, and be merciful unto our sins for thy name's sake.

Wherefore do the Heathen say: Where is now their God? Psal. Ixxix. Lift up thy feet, that thou mayest utterly destroy every enemy, which Psal. lxxiv. hath done evil in thy Sanctuary.

Pour out thine indignation upon the Heathen, that have Psal. Ixxix. not known thee: and upon the Kingdoms, that have not called upon thy name.

Let the vengeance of thy servants' blood, that is shed, be openly Psal. Ixxix. shewed upon the Heathen in our sight.

Let the sorrowful sighing of the prisoners come before Psal. Ixxix. thee, according to the greatness of thy power, preserve thou those that are appointed to die.

And as for the blasphemy (wherewith our enemies have blasphemed Psal. Ixxix. thee) reward thou them (O Lord) seven fold into their bosom.

So we that be thy people, and sheep of thy pasture, shall Psal. Ixxix. give thee thanks for ever and will alway be shewing forth thy praise from generation to generation.

Glory be to the Father. &c. As it was in the. &c.

After the Psalm the prayer following shall be said by the minister alone, with a high voice, at saying whereof the people shall devoutly give ear, and shall both with mind and speech to themselves assent to the same prayer.

John xv.

¶ The prayer.

O ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, our heavenly Father,
we thy disobedient and rebellious children, now by thy just
judgment sore afflicted, and in great danger to be oppressed,
by thine and our sworn and most deadly enemies the Turks,
Infidels, and Miscreants, do make humble suit to the throne
of thy grace, for thy mercy, and aid against the same our
mortal enemies: for though we do profess the name of thy
only Son Christ our Saviour, yet through our manifold sins
and wickedness we have most justly deserved so much of thy
wrath and indignation, that we can not but say, O Lord
correct us in thy mercy and not in thy fury. Better it is
for us to fall into thy hands, than into the hands of men,
and especially into the hands of Turks and Infidels thy pro-
fessed enemies, who now invade thine inheritance. Against
thee, O Lord, have we sinned, and transgressed thy com-
mandments: against Turks, Infidels, and other enemies of the
Gospel of thy dear Son Jesus Christ, have we not offended,
but only in this, that we acknowledge thee, the eternal Father,
and thy only Son our Redeemer, with the Holy Ghost, the
comforter, to be the only true Almighty and everliving God.
For if we would deny and blaspheme thy most holy name,
forsake the Gospel of thy dear Son, embrace false religion,
commit horrible Idolatries, and give ourselves to all im-
pure, wicked, and abominable life, as they do; the devil, the
world, the Turk, and all other thine enemies would be at
peace with us, according to the saying of thy Son Christ:
you were of the world, the world would love his own. But
therefore hate they us, because we love thee: therefore perse-
cute they us, because we acknowledge thee, God the Father,
and Jesus Christ thy Son, whom thou hast sent. The Turk
goeth about to set up, to extol, and to magnify that wicked.
monster aud damned soul Mahumet above thy dearly beloved
Son Jesus Christ, whom we in heart believe, and with mouth
confess, to be our only Saviour and Redeemer. Wherefore
awake, O Lord our God and heavenly Father, look upon us
thy children, and all such Christians as now be besieged and
afflicted, with thy fatherly and merciful countenance: and
overthrow and destroy thine and our enemies, sanctify thy
blessed name emonges us, which they blaspheme, establish

thy kingdom, which they labour to overthrow: suffer not thine enemies to prevail against those, that now call upon thy name, and put their trust in thee, lest the Heathen and Infidels say: Where is now their God? But in thy great mercy save, defend, and deliver all thy afflicted Christians in this and all other invasions of these Infidels, that we and they that delight to be named Christians may continually laud, praise, and magnify thy holy name, with thy only Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, to whom be all laud, praise, glory, and empire for ever and ever. AMEN.

Psalms which may be sung or said before the beginning, or after the ending of public prayer.

ii. iii. vii. x. xi. xiv. xxii. xxvii. xlvi. lii. lvi. lxx. lxxiiii. lxxxiii. lxxxx. lxxxxiiii. cxxi. cxxiii. cxxx. cxl.

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