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The Psalm.

HEAR our prayer, O Lord, consider our desire: hearken Psal. exliii. unto us for thy truth and righteousness sake.

Oh hearken then to the voice of our calling, our King and our God: Psal. v. for unto thee will we make our prayer.


O God, the Heathen are come into thine inheritance: Psal.lxxix, & thine adversaries roar in the mids of thy congregations, and set up their banners for tokens.

They have set fire upon thy holy places, and have defiled the dwell, Psal. Ixxiv. ing place of thy name: and destroyed them even unto the ground.

The dead bodies of thy servants have they given to be Psal. lxxix. meat unto the fowls of the air: and the flesh of thy saints unto the beasts of the land.

Their blood have they shed like water on every side of Hierusalem; Psal. Ixxix. and there was no man to bury them.

And so we are become an open shame to our enemies: Psal. Ixxix. a very scorn and derision unto them that are round about


Lord, how long wilt thou be angry? Shall thy jealousy burn like Psal. Ixxix. fire for ever er?

O God, wherefore art thou absent from us so long? Psal. Ixxiv. why is thy wrath so kindled against the sheep of thy pasture?

Oh remember not our old sins, but have mercy upon us, and that Psal. Ixxix. soon: for we are come to great misery.

But think upon the congregation: whom thou hast pur- Psal. Ixxiv. chased and redeemed of old.

Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name: Oh Psal. Ixxix. deliver us, and be merciful unto our sins, for thy name's sake.

Wherefore do the Heathen say, Where is now their God? Psal. Ixxix. Make haste that thou mayst utterly destroy every enemy: which Psal. Ixxiv. hath done evil in thy sanctuary.

Arise, O GOD: maintain thine own cause: remember Psal. lxxiv. how the wicked man blasphemeth thee daily.

Pour out thine indignation upon the Heathen that have not known Psal. lxxix. thee: and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon thy name.

O let the vengeance of thy servants' blood that is shed: Psal. Ixxix.

be openly shewed upon the Heathen in our sight.

Deliver us from our enemies, O God: defend us from them that rise Psal. lix. up against us.



Psal. xxxv.

Psal. ixxix.

Psal. ii.

Psal. xi.

Psal. xciv.

Psal. iii.

Psal. iii.

Psal. x.

Psal. x.

Psal. XXV.

Psal. xxv.

Psal. x.

Psal. xxvii.

Psal. x.

Psal. x.

Let them be confounded and put to shame: let them be turned back and brought to confusion, that imagine mischief against us.

So we that be thy people, and sheep of thy pasture, shall give thee thanks for ever: and will alway be shewing forth thy praise from generation to generation.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.

Or this Psalm.

THE Heathen do furiously rage together, and the Kings of the earth stand up, and rulers take counsel together: against the Lord, and against his anointed.

The ungodly bend their bows, and make ready their arrows within the quiver: that they may shoot at those that call upon the name of the Lord.

They smite down thy people, O Lord and trouble thine heritage.

Lord, how are they increased that trouble us! many are they that rise against us.

Many one there be, that say of our souls: There is no help for them in their God.

The ungodly are so proud, that they care not for God: neither is God in all their thoughts, nor his judgments in their sight.

They have said in their hearts, Tush, God hath forgotten: he hideth away his face, and he will never see it.

For thy name's sake, O Lord, be merciful unto our sins: for they are great.

Turn thee unto us and have mercy upon us; for we are desolate and in great misery.

Stand not so far off, O Lord: neither hide thy face in the needful time of trouble.

Hearken unto our voice, O Lord, now when we cry unto thee arise, O Lord God, and lift up thine hand, and forget not thy people.

Wherefore should the wicked blaspheme God? while he doth say in his heart, Tush, thou God carest not for it.

O take the matter into thy hand: thy people commit

themselves unto thee, for thou art their helper in their distress.

Psal. iii.

Break thou the power of the wicked and malicious: smite all our Psal. x. enemies upon the cheek bone, and break the teeth of the ungodly.

Rain snares, fire and brimstone, storm and tempest upon Psal. xi. them and let this be their portion to drink.


Recompense thou their wickedness, and destroy them in their own Psal. xciv. malice: yea, the Lord our God shall destroy them, and deliver us.

And we shall give thanks unto the Lord according to his Psal. vii. great mercies and will praise the name of the Lord the most high.

We will declare thy name unto our brethren: in the mids of the Psal. xxii. congregation will we praise thee, and magnify thy salvation world without end.

Glory be to the Father. &c.

As it was in the beginning. &c.

Or this.

O LORD, many dogs are come about us: and the councell Psal. xxii. of the wicked layeth siege against us.

Many Oxen do compass us: fat bulls of Basan close us in on every Psal. xxii. side.

They gape upon us with their mouths as it were ramp- Psal. xxii. ing and roaring Lions.

Our enemies are daily in hand to swallow us up: for they be exceed- Psal. Ivi. ing many that fight against us, O thou most high.

O remember not the sins and offences of our youth and Psal. xxv. times past but according to thy mercy think upon us, O Lord, for thy goodness.

For thou, O Lord, art our defender: thou art our health, and our Psal. iii. salvation.

O Lord our God, in thee have we put our trust: save us Psal. vii. from all them that persecute us, and deliver us.

Lest they devour our souls like Lions, and tear them in pieces: Psal. vii. whiles there is none to help.

Save us from these Lions' mouths and from among the Psal. xxii. horns of the Unicorns.

Oh deliver not the soul of thy turtle dove unto the multitude of the Psal. Ixxiv. enemies: and forget not thy poor congregation for ever.

And our praises shall be of thee in the great congrega- Psal. xxii.

Psal. xxii.

John xv.

tion our vows will we perform in the sight of them that fear thee.

And all the ends of the world shall remember themselves, and be turned unto the Lord: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before him.

Glory be to the Father. &c.

As it was in the beginning. &c.

After the Psalm, the prayer following shall be said by the Minister alone, with a high voice. At saying whereof, the people shall devoutly give ear, and shall both with mind and speech to themselves assent to the same prayer.

The prayer.

ALMIGHTY and everliving God, our heavenly Father, we thy disobedient and rebellious children, now by thy just judgment sore afflicted, and in great danger to be oppressed, by thine and our sworn and most deadly enemies, the Turks, Infidels, and miscreants, do make humble suit to the throne of thy grace, for thy mercy and aid against the same our mortal enemies. For though we do profess the name of thy only Son Christ our Saviour, yet through our manifold sins and wickedness we have most justly deserved so much of thy wrath and indignation, that we can not but say: O Lord, correct us in thy mercy, and not in thy fury. And better it is for us to fall into thy hands, than into the hands of men, and especially into the hands of Turks and Infidels, thy professed enemies, who now invade thine inheritance. Against thee (O Lord) have we sinned, and transgressed thy commandments: Against Turks, Infidels, and other enemies of the Gospel of thy dear Son Jesus Christ have we not offended, but only in this, that we acknowledge thee, the eternal Father, and thy only Son our redeemer, with the Holy Ghost, the comforter, to be one only true, almighty, and everliving God. For if we would deny and blaspheme thy most holy name, forsake the Gospel of thy dear Son, embrace false religion, commit horrible Idolatries, and give ourselves to all impure, wicked, and abominable life, as they do; the devil, the world, the Turk, and all other thine enemies would be at peace with us, according to the saying of thy Son Christ : If you were of the world, the world would love his own. But therefore hate they us, because we love thee; therefore perse

cute they us, because we acknowledge thee God the Father, and Jesus Christ thy Son, whom thou hast sent. The Turk goeth about to set up, to extol, and to magnify that wicked monster and damned soul Mahumet, above thy dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ, whom we in heart believe, and with mouth confess to be our only saviour and redeemer. Wherefore awake, O Lord our God and heavenly Father, and with thy fatherly and merciful countenance look upon us thy children, and all such Christians, as are now by those most cruel enemies invaded and assaulted: overthrow and destroy thine and our enemies, sanctify thy blessed name among us, which they blaspheme, establish thy kingdom, which they labour to overthrow: suffer not thine enemies to prevail against those that now call upon thy name and put their trust in thee, lest the Heathen and Infidels say: Where is now their GOD? But in thy great mercy save, defend, and deliver all thy afflicted Christians, in this and all other invasions of these infidels, and give to the Emperor1 thy servant, and all the Christian army now assembled with him, thy comfortable might and courage, that we and they that delight to be named Christians, may enjoy both outward peace, and inwardly laud, praise, and magnify thy holy name for ever, with thy only Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, to whom be all laud, praise, glory and empire for ever and ever. Amen.

¶ This prayer to be said at Evening prayer, immediately after the Collect of the day.

O LORD God of hosts, most righteous Judge, and most merciful Father: These dreadful dangers and distresses wherein other Christian men our brethren and neighbours do now stand, by reason of the terrible invasions of most cruel and deadly enemies the Turks, Infidels, and miscreants, do set before our eyes a terrible example of our own worthy deserts, by our continual sinning and offending against thy great majesty and most severe justice; and do also put us in remembrance, here in this our Realm of England, of our most deserved thanks for our great tranquillity, peace, and

[1 Maximilian II. lay then encamped in the vicinity of Raab, with the main body of his army, to watch the motions of the Turks, who, under Solyman, again entered Hungary in the spring of 1566. Coxe's House of Austria, Vol. 11. p. 322.]

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