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Psal. 7.

Psal. 10.

Psal. 7. & 22.

Psal. 74.

Psal. 59.

Psal. 7.

Psal. 22.

We do put our trust in thee, O God: save us from all them that persecute us, and deliver us.

O take the matter into thy hand, thy people commit themselves unto thee for thou art their helper in their distress.

Save us from the Lions' mouths, and from the horns of the Unicorns: lest they devour us, and tear us in pieces, while there is none to help.

O deliver not the soul of thy Turtle dove unto the multitude of the enemies and forget not thy poor congregation for ever.

Deliver us from our enemies, O God: defend and save us from them that imagine mischief, and rise up against us. And we shall give thanks unto thee, O Lord, according to thy great mercies and will praise the name of the Lord most high.


We will declare thy name unto our brethren in the mids of the congregation will we praise thee, and magnify thy salvation world without end.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son: and to the Holy Ghost.'

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: world without end. Amen.

The Collect of the Litany in the time of war.

The prayer following for the Queen must be said every day for the second
Collect after the Psalm.

A thanksgiving and prayer for the preservation of the
Queen, and the Realm.

O God, most merciful Father, who in thy great mercies hast both given unto us a peaceable princess, and a gracious Queen, and also hast very often and miraculously saved her from sundry great perils and dangers, and by her government hast preserved us and the whole Realm from manifold mischiefs and dreadful plagues, wherewith nations round about us have been and be most grievously afflicted: have mercy upon them, O Lord, and grant us grace, we beseech thee, for these thy great benefits, that we may be thankful and obedient unto thee, to fly from all things that may offend thee, and provoke thy wrath and indignation against us, and to order our lives in all things that may please thee; that thy servant our sovereign Lady, and we thy people committed to her charge, may by thy protection be continually preserved from all deceits and violences of enemies,

and from all other dangers and evils both bodily and ghostly, and by thy goodness may be maintained in all peace and godliness grant this, O merciful Father, for thy dear Son's sake our Saviour Jesus Christ; to whom with thee, and the Holy Ghost, one God immortal, invisible, and only wise, be all honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

A prayer for deliverance from enemies.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, consider our desire: hearken Psal. 14. unto us for thy truth and mercy's sake.

Lord, how are they increased that trouble us: many are they that Psal. 3. rise against us.

The ungodly bend their bows, and make ready their Psal. 11. arrows within the quiver: that they may shoot at those that call upon the name of the Lord.

They smite down thy people, O Lord: and trouble thine heritage. Psal. 104. The dead bodies of thy servants have they given to be Psal. 79. meat unto the fowls of the air: and the flesh of thy saints unto the beasts of the land.

Their blood have they shed like water on every side of Hierusalem: Psal. 79. and there was no man to bury them.

And we that live are become an open shame to our Psal. 79. enemies a very scorn and derision unto them that are round about us.

O Lord, why is thy wrath such against the sheep of thy pasture? Psal. 74. &79. how long wilt thou be angry? shall thy jealousy burn like fire for ever?

Wherefore should the ungodly say, Where is now their Psal. 79. God there is now no more help for them in their God?

Oh remember not our old sins, but have mercy upon us, and that Psal. 79soon: for we are come to great misery.

O let the sorrowful sighing of the prisoners come before Psal. 79. thee, according to the greatness of thy power: preserve thou those sely1 souls, that are appointed to die.

O Lord, think upon the congregation of thy people, whom thou hast sal. 74. purchased and redeemed of old : O deliver us, and save us, for the glory of thy name.

And our praises shall be of thee in the great congrega- Psal. 22. tion: our vows will we perform in the sight of them that fear thee.

[Sely simple, inoffensive.]



Psal. 22.

And all the ends of the world shall remember themselves, and be turned unto the Lord: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before him.

Glory be to the Father. &c.

As it was in the beginning. &c.

A prayer.

O MOST righteous God, and most merciful Father, who as well by the dreadful plagues and afflictions of nations round about us, as by long suffering and saving of us, and by manifold benefits bestowed upon us, hast shewed thy severity in punishing or trying of them, and thy mercy in sparing and blessing of us we most humbly and heartily beseech thee, in thy justice to remember thy mercy towards them, and to save them, and to grant unto us grace not to despise the riches of thy patience and goodness towards us, neither by hardness of heart and impenitency to heap upon ourselves vengeance in the day of vengeance; but that we, being taught by the example of their punishment to fear thy justice, and moved by thy long suffering and blessing of us to love thy goodness, may by true repentance for our sins, and with all our souls, hearts, and minds, unfeignedly turning unto thee in newness of life, both escape thy wrath and indignation, and enjoy the continuance and increase of thy favour, grace, and goodness, through our Saviour Jesus Christ, thy only Son, to whom with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God of most glorious majesty, be all honour and glory world without end. AMEN.

Or this.

O LORD our God and heavenly Father, look down, we beseech thee, with thy fatherly and merciful countenance upon us thy people, and poor humble servants, and upon all such Christians as are anywhere persecuted and sore afflicted for the true acknowledging of thee to be our God, and thy Son Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent, to be the only Saviour of the world: save them, O merciful Lord, who are as sheep appointed to the slaughter, and by hearty prayer do call and cry unto thee for thy help and defence: hear their cry, O Lord, and our prayer for them, and for our selves; deliver those that be oppressed, defend such as are in fear of

cruelty, relieve them that be in misery, and comfort all that be in sorrow and heaviness, that by thy aid and strength they and we may obtain surety from our enemies, without shedding of Christian and innocent blood. And for that, O Lord, thou hast commanded us to pray for our enemies, we do beseech thee, not only to abate their pride, and to stay the fury and cruelty of such as either of malice or ignorance do persecute them which put their trust in thee, and hate us, but also to mollify their hard hearts, to open their blinded eyes, and to lighten their ignorant minds, that they may see and understand, and truly turn unto thee, and embrace thy holy word, and unfeignedly be converted unto thy Son Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of the world, and believe and love his Gospel, and so eternally to be saved. Finally, that all Christian Realms, and specially this Realm of England, may by thy defence and protection enjoy perfite peace, quietness, and security, and all that desire to be called and accounted Christians, may answer in deed and life to so good and godly a name; and jointly altogether in one godly concord and unity, and with one consonant heart aud mind, may render unto thee all laud and praise, continually magnifying thy glorious name, who with thy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, art one eternal, almighty, and most merciful God, to whom be all laud and praise, world without end. AMEN.

¶ Imprinted at Lon

don, in Powles Churchyarde by Ri-
charde Iugge printer to

the Queenes Ma


Cum priuilegio Regiæ Maieftatis.


A FORM OF PRAYER WITH THANKS GIVING, to be used every year, the 17th of November, being the day of the Queen's Majesty's entry to her reign.

1. Tim. 2. Chap. Verse 1.

¶ I exhort you therefore, that first of all, prayers, supplications, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men: for Princes, and for all that are in authority, that we may live a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty; for that is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour.

A2 form of prayer.

Morning prayer is to be begun as in the book of Common prayer, unto the end of the psalm beginning, 03 come let us. &c.

[The following extract from the Epistle to Whitgift, prefixed by Edmund Bunny to his Form for the 17th of November (see p. 467), favours the notion, that Elizabeth made no express provision for, at least, the religious celebration of that day.

'Whereas therefore euery yeere, when that day commeth, we resort to the Church to giue thankes vnto God, and otherwise testifie that we haue good cause to reioyce therein: the more that such doings of ours do witnes against vs, that it is but due debt in vs, the more do I thinke it conuenient that order shoulde be taken for the continuance of the exercise begunne in your Graces Predecessors time [Grindal]: for the better accomplishment whereof, especially in these partes where I am resident, I thought it my duetie to make some triall of myself, to see how farre it would please the Lorde (of his wonted mercies) to blesse me therein. In which kinde of want, though my selfe be not able to make any sufficient supplie; yet, when I sawe howe to make a proffer towards it, little though it were, I, thought not good to let it slippe, not knowing whereunto by the goodnes of God (if it would please him to imploy some others thereabout that are more able) it might be able to grow in the ende.']

[2 In, and from, 1578 the whole Service was printed according to the tenor of the following rubric. This note shews how it then commenced. An order for morning prayer, to be vsed the 17. of Nouember.

1 Tim. 2. vers. 1.

I exhort you therefore, &c. as above.

¶ You shall vnderstand, that euery thing in this booke is placed in order, as it shall be vsed, without turning to and fro, sauing the three

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