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For thy good gifts which we receive, 7 For thou through love, when we

both now and all our days.

were lost,

didst send to seek therefore:

This silly bark of ours, so tost,

thou broughtst full safe to shore.
When we through blindness went

with burdens sore opprest,
Thou sentst and set us in the way,
that leads us to thy rest.

5 When we in grief did cry and call, thou holpst us by and by,

And thou didst set us free from

O God, our God most high.
Thy mercy therefore will we sing,
and praise thy holy Name,
For working of so great a thing:
O Lord, preserve the same.

6 Blessed art thou, O Lord of hosts, Our shield and buckler tried: Thy Name be prais'd in all the coasts,

throughout the world so wide. Vouchsafe this inward sacrifice, to thee (O Lord) we call: Our hearty thanks do not despise, we yield our souls and all.


thou art our help alone: To thee it is we sing always, to thee and else to none. Then bow to us (good Lord) thine

ear, and hear us when we cry: Preserve thy Church now planted here,

and watch it with thine eye.

9 To thee (O God) we yield all And let this mighty work be known The second


to nations far and near.

10 Lord, keep Elizabeth our Queen, defend her in thy right:

Shew forth thyself, as thou hast been, her fortress and her might. Preserve her grace,confound her foes,

and bring them down full low: Lord, turn thy hand against all


that would her overthrow.

11 Maintain her Sceptre as thine own,

for thou hast plac'd her here:

8 We praise thee therefore, Lord,
on high,

with heart and hearty cheer:
To thee we sing, we call, we cry,

O Lord our God most dear.
Thou art the worker of my wealth,
Our safeguard and our stay:
O Lord, grant this our country

on thee we wait alway.

A noble ancient Nurse, O Lord,
in England let her reign:
Her grace among us do afford,
for ever to remain.

12 Indue her (Lord) with virtue's

rule thou her royal Rod:
Into her mind thy Spirit pour,
and shew thyself her God.
In truth upright, Lord, guide her

thy Gospel to defend;

To say and do what thou dost will,
and stay where thou dost end.

13 Her counsel (Lord) vouchsafe
to guide,

with wisdom let them shine,
In godliness for to abide,
as it becometh thine:

To seek the glory of thy name,
their country's wealth procure,

And that they may perform the | And eke declare thy truth abroad, when it doth draw to night. To thee, O Father, with the Son, and Spirit be therefore

All glory now, as bath been done, from henceforth evermore. Amen.


Lord, grant thy Spirit pure.

14 So will we sing unto thee, Lord, betime, ere day be light;


An Anthem or prayer for the preservation of the Church, the Queen's Majesty, and the Realm, to be sung after Evening prayer at all times.

Save, Lord, and bless with good increase

Thy Church, our Queen and Realm in peace.

As for thy gifts we render praise,
So, Lord, we crave still blessed days:
Let thy sweet word and Gospel pure
With us, dear God, for aye endure.
With prosperous reign increase it
That sound thereof the world may
Save, Lord, and bless with good


Thy Church, our Queen and
Realm in peace.

That vine thy right hand planted
Preserve, O Lord, from enemies'

And those that practise Sion's spoil,
With mighty arm (Lord) give them

Like as thy grace our Queen hath

So bless her rule and government,
Thy glory chiefly to maintain,
And grant her long and prosperous

Thy Church, our Queen and
Realm in peace.

All foes confound, and Rebels eke, That Prince or Church's harm would seek.

Save, Lord, and bless with good

Thy Church, our Queen and
Realm in peace.

This English Isle, and people all,
Preserve, for Christes blood we call.
Grant peace t' enjoy thy blessings


Because none fights for us but thou. Thy Church and Kingdom, Christ, So shall we live to praise thee then, we pray, Which likewise grant. Amen, Increase and build from day to day. Save, Lord, and bless with good increase


Save, Lord, and bless with good increase

Thy Church, our Queen and
Realm in peace.

belonging to the British

[In a copy of the Accession service Museum, the colophon, with the date 1578, is placed here, because it has neither the Anthem, nor the Song of rejoicing.]

[Christopher Barker had a licence in 1578 for printing this Anthem. Herbert's Ames, p. 1089.]

A song of rejoicing for the prosperous Reign of our most gracious Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth.

Made to the tune of the 25. Psalm.


G Give laud unto the Lord,
And praise his holy name :
OO let us all with one accord
Now magnify the same.
D Due thanks unto him yield,
Who evermore hath been
So strong defence, buckler, and


To our most Royal QUEEN.

A And as for her this day,

Each where about us round, V Up to the Sky right solemnly The bells do make a sound:

E Even so let us rejoice

Before the Lord our king;

Her Majesty's intent,

By thy good grace and will, E Ever, O Lord, hath been most bent


Thy Law for to fulfil.


Quite thou that loving mind
With love to her again:

U Unto her as thou hast been

With her against all those. N Nigh unto her abide,

Uphold her Sceptre strong:

T To him let us now frame our E Eke grant with us, a joyful



With cheerful hearts to sing.


O Lord so still remain.

E Extend thy mighty hand
Against her mortal foes:
E Express and shew that thou
wilt stand


She may continue long.

I. C.

Imprinted at London

by Christopher Barker, Printer to

the Queenes Maieftie.

Cum priuilegio.



THE ORDER OF PRAYER upon Wednesdays and Fridays, to avert and turn God's wrath from us threatened by the late terrible earthquake, to be used in all Parish Churches.

Whereof the last prayer is to be used of all housholders with their whole families.

Set forth by authority.

Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker, Printer to the
Queen's Majesty.

[The following letter (Bibl. Lans. 30. art. 49.) is worth reprinting, as well on account of the information which it furnishes respecting the present Order, as because it clearly establishes the fact, that Strype, notwithstanding he consulted it, misunderstood the circumstances of the case. See p. 464.

My verie good L. I receued yo' letters at the verie instant when I was redie to departe from Fulham to sitt in the Consistorie [Convocation]; besechinge the same to hold me excused, in that I could not returne my answer thereto soe speedelie as my duetie required. As touchinge the matte I cannot but much thank God for yo' L. care, to haue all thinges donne as much as might be to the Capacitie and edifynge of the people. But for yt in my simple judgm', vnder yo' L. correccion, yt were requisit, the state of the tyme wth the mallic of o' Enemies considered, wch commonlie vpbraid vs, that we neue' fast, and seldom pray, without further delaye to geue some ordre and direccion to stirre vp the people to devocion, and to turne awaye Godes wrath threatened by the late earthquake. And for that the compyling of a new forme of prayer would aske a long tyme, I think if it might so please yo honorable L. yt would doe much good, if the forme alredie presented to yo' L. myght be followed, speciallie for that the people is presentlie much moued wth the p'sent warninge, and are of such nature, as commonlie they make it but a ix. daies wondre; for, as he saith, Cito arescit lacryma: and we maie saye that Multo citius indolescit animus. Therefore it were necessarie that it were done out of hand. But what shall seeme best to you I wilbe readie to followe. I did not send it to yo L. written, because I ment it but onelie to my owne diocesse; and also because I hadd followed yo' L. instruccions from hir Ma, wch would not haue anie solempne matter made of it. And likewise the forme of prayer vpon hir Matie daye [November the 17th, see p. 549] hath the psalmes as they stand in the Psalter whout alteracion of verses.

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The Order of prayer for Wednesdays and Fridays.

First, the Minister shall use the order set down in the book of Common Prayer, to the end of O come, let us sing unto the Lord.

Then shall follow these three Psalms, the 30. 46. and 91.

Also for the first Lesson, some one of these three chapters, the 1. or 2. of Joel, or the 58. of Isaiah, and after that, Te Deum or Benedicite, with a Chapter of the New Testament for the second Lesson, according to the book aforesaid.

Then after the Litany shall be said this prayer, Oh Eternal, mighty, and most loving Father. &c.

Then shall be read the Homily of repentance, or a part thereof, as in the book of homilies it is divided, if there be no sermon.

Also after the sermon, or homily, shall be sung the 46. Psalm in Metre.

Moreover, that the Preachers and Curates do exhort their flock to refrain those ii. days weekly from one meal, and to bestow the value or some part thereof (as God shall stir up their devotion) upon the poor, teaching them that such alms is more acceptable to God, than that which cometh by constraint of law3.

Also that they call upon their parishioners to cause their family every night, before their going to bed, all together to say the prayer set out for that purpose, meekly kneeling upon their knees.

Psal. 30.4 Psal. 46. Psal. 91.

Then shall be read, for the first Lesson, some one of these three Chapters following.

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The i. Chapter of Joel. The ii. Chapter of Joel
The Iviii. Chapter of Isaiah.

And soe right humblie I take my leaue of yo' honorable L. From my howse in London, this xxiith of Aprill, 1580.

Y' L. humbly to command in X°.

To the right honorable and my

singule good L. the L. high
Treasore of England.]

In the Form put forth for both provinces, it is,-The order of prayer, and other exercises vpon Wednesdayes and Frydayes, to be vsed throughout the Realme by order aforesaide.]

[See p. 593, note 1.]

[The Gloria Patri does not come after any of these psalms, which, like the lessons, are printed entire.]

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