Die österreichischen Bundeserziehungsanstalten

Front Cover
Viktor Fadrus
Deutscher Verlag für Jugend und Volk, 1924 - 472 pages
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Page 441 - Kameraden, aufs Pferd, aufs Pferd! Ins Feld, in die Freiheit gezogen ! Im Felde, da ist der Mann noch was wert, Da wird das Herz noch gewogen, Da tritt kein anderer für ihn ein, Auf sich selber steht er da ganz allein.
Page 239 - Majesté a bien voulu m'adresser ; elle n'est pas digne d'un fils affectueux qui se fait gloire de professer la foi Catholique. Je n'entre pas dans les détails de cette lettre, pour ne pas renouveler la douleur qu'une première lecture m'a causée.
Page 394 - Die Ausgestaltung der Universitäts-, technischen und Handelshochschuldiplome, der Ruf nach Schaffung von Bildungspatenten auf allen Gebieten überhaupt dienen der Bildung einer privilegierten Schicht in Büro und Kontor . . . Wenn wir auf allen Gebieten das Verlangen nach der Einführung von geregelten Bildungsgängen und Fachprüfungen laut werden hören, so ist selbstverständlich nicht ein plötzlich...
Page 241 - They were assembled at about 6 o'clock, when the Pope celebrated a mass, and shortly afterwards assisted at another in one of the private apartments. His Holiness then retired, until about 10 o'clock, when all were again summoned to the Pontiff's presence, and I am told he made them a very solemn and effective address. He requested them to look out of window and to observe that a white banner was floating over the Fortress of St. Angelo. The time had come, he said, when he must bow his head to the...
Page 241 - Members of their respective Staffs, repaired to the Vatican, in accordance with an invitation to that effect addressed to them by Cardinal Antonelli through the medium of M. Lorenzana, the Doyen of the Corps Diplomatique accredited to the Holy See. I had not been requested to accompany them on the occasion, as I was not officially recognized.
Page 239 - J'invoque de nouveau Dieu , et je remets dans »es mains ma cause , qui est entièrement la sienne. Je le prie d'accorder bien des grâces à votre Majesté, de la délivrer des dangers et de lui dispenser les miséricordes dont elle a besoin. Pie IX, Pape.
Page 267 - Was ergiebt sich aus dem Sprachgebrauch Caesars im bellum Gallicum für die Behandlung der lateinischen Syntax in der Schule?
Page 283 - Caesarem scriptis emendat, quod is 'calidum' dicere quam 'caldum' malit, non quia id non sit Latinum, sed quia sit odiosum* et, ut ipse Graeco verbo significavit, rtepiepyov.
Page 241 - He requested them to look out of window and to observe that a white banner was floating over the Fortress of St. Angelo. The time had come, he said, when he must bow his head to the will of the Almighty ; that his own object had been to maintain for the Church the inheritance he had received, and which he had no power to alienate from it ; but he now saw that God no longer desired that His Church should continue to exercise a temporal sovereignty, and that, recognizing His supreme Will, he could...
Page 241 - Will, he could not st upon retaining it, For himself, he continued, he had desired nothing but to guard the solemn charge which had been entrusted to him. At the present moment, however, there was one object which engaged all his anxious care, and that was the safety and considerate treatment of those devoted sons who had served with such singleness of purpose the dictates of their consience in enlisting in his service to defend the Church from the attacks of its worldly enemies.

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