The Will and Providence of God

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AuthorHouse, 2008 M04 1 - 168 pages
"At a time when there is so much Despair, uncertainty, Doubt, and Misinformation in the various Societies that we live in, it is considered appropiate to publish a readable book that can help to point the way out off the Wilderness of Despair.This book which uses Biblical Authority, provides firm Guidance and Hope to all who will venture to read it.It shows that there is nothing taking place in This World, no matter where one lives, that God is not in control off.This does not mean that He causes these thin happen, but rather through His Will And Providence, He is the answer to have these things improved in order to make our lives better.He can Restrict, Prevent, Stop or Allow anything, anytime, anywhere, and to anybody, no matter a person station in life. No One and Nothing is outside the Wings and Control of The Almighty!Since God is Omnisicent, Omnipotent and Omnipresent, it is therefore prudent that we figure out how to benefit from this Revelation.In short, if something occurs in your life that you did no expect, and this is causing you pain and suffering, why not turn to the one in charge of everything to intervene for you ? Why do I recommend this route and this Person?How do I know He will help you and resolve your serious situation? Well, because this is what I did in the most trying time of my life, after trying many "Remedies," when the going was so rough, and the enemy's fire was so intense.He did not disappoint me.So today, I am happy to report, that a satisfying solution was provided by JESUS, to my problem, when I tried Him in Faith, Believing,"

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