Das Reich Gottes auf Erden: Utopie und Wirklichkeit : eine Untersuchung zu Butzers "De regno Christi" und zur englischen Staatskirche des 16. Jahrhunderts

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W. de Gruyter, 1928 - 208 pages
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Page 157 - The title of the third piece is, " A book which sheweth the life and manners of all true Christians, and how unlike they are unto Turks and papists, and heathen folk. Also the points and parts of all divinity, that is, of the revealed will and word of God, are declared by their several definitions and divisions.
Page 151 - WHITGIFT (John) An Answere to a certen Libel, intituled " An Admonition to the Parliament.
Page 164 - Happier that people whose Law is their King in the greatest things, than that whose King is himself their Law.* Where the King doth guide the State, and the Law the King, that Commonwealth is like an harp or melodious instrument, the strings whereof are tuned and handled all by one hand, following as Laws the Rules and Canons of musical science.
Page 192 - Then it is her government, and her government alone, that hath been the sconce and fort of all Europe, which hath lett this proud nation from overrunning all. If any state be yet free from his factions erected in the bowels thereof; if there be any state wherein this faction is erected...
Page 134 - The one, that consciences are not to be forced, but to be won and reduced by the force of truth, with the aid of time and the use of all good means of instruction and persuasion.
Page 158 - Let conformity and unity in religion be provided for; and it shall be as a wall of defence unto this realm.
Page 171 - Without order there is no living in public society, because the want thereof is the mother of confusion, whereupon division of necessity followeth, and out of division, inevitable destruction.
Page 176 - Wahrt drum die See ringsum in jedem Fall, Denn sie ist Englands rechter Schirm und Wall; Denn England ist vergleichbar einer Stadt, Die ringsumher die See als Mauer hat. Schützt drum die See, den Wall um unser Land, Und England ist geschützt durch Gottes Hand (v.
Page 181 - ... our good king : but indeed we have deserved it ; and with him that thou shouldest take also as well the benefit of tranquillity and politic peace, as also thy holy gospel and true religion. For never was there nation that so horribly abused thy gospel and contemned this as we have done. Yea, alas, Lord! presently we do it: so that righteous art thou if thou take it away, and give it to a nation that will bring forth the fruits of it.

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