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Inder to the Third Uolume.

BSOLUTION: : power, given to priests. 220. Granted after death. 384.


Admonitions: at ordinations. 162. Age, at which orders might be received. cvij.

Aidan his coronation. ix. note.
Altars: not anciently consecrated.
cxlviij. note.
Amice. 25.



Anne Boleyn: her coronation. xxv. Aqua benedicta,' different from consecrata.' cl. note. Aquæ bajulus. 382. Archbishop of Canterbury: his right to crown the kings of England. Ivij. To marry them. Ixij. By whom, to be inthroned. cxxxj. Buried, with the pall. cxxxvj.

Archdeacon, to present candidates for orders. 160. Armillæ. 28.

Baculus. 272.

Banns, form of certificate. 376. Barons of the cinque ports. 53. Barefooted; its meaning at coronations. 67.

Bells, to be rung at bishops' visitations. cxliij. Delivered to the ostiarii. 163. Bible, at coronations. 119. Bishops, styled themselves anciently, priests. lxxxiv. note. Might confer the tonsure anywhere. lxxxvj. 145. Bound to support clergy, whom they ordained without titles. cj. To be consecrated by, at least, three. CXX. To ordain, not without

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Oath of Henry VIII. xxxiv.note. Anciently, as well as in modern times, signed. xl. Book, of the Saxon kings. xlj. Examples. xliij. note. Corporal: its meaning, etc. xliv. xlv. Of canonical obedience, at ordination. 221. 247. Obsequies of clergy. cxxxvij. note. Of abbots. ibid. bishops. cxxxviij. note. Oil, miraculous, of Clovis. iv. English. xvij. Jewish. xviij.




Orders: a sacrament. lxxviij. How many, in number. lxxx. Disabilities. xcv. etc. To be conferred separately? cij. To be conferred freely, without money. cxxiv. Not to be obtained furtively. cxxviij. Anciently conferred on great numbers. cxxx.

Ordo: its meaning. lxxvij. note.

Pall: its form. cxxxv.

Attributed to S. Peter. cxxxiv. A personal ornament. cxxxvj. Anciently only a mark of honour. 301. Why said to be "de cor


pore B. Petri." exlij. note, Regale. 30.

Pastoral staff: of abbots; how

distinguished. cxxxvij. note. Peace of the Church. lvj. note. Pecten, of a bishop. 241. Penances, performed at proces

sions. 368.

Petition of bishops,at coronations. 9 Place, where coronations are solemnized. lvj.

Poderis. 243.

Pontifical, Exeter. 369. Pontificalis liber: explained. cxxxiv. note. Exon. 369. Preaching not permitted to all persons. cxvj.

Priests, allowed to confirm by the Greek church. lxxxj. note. Their duties. cx. Unction, at ordination. cxj. Not to take charge of a parish, for one year after ordination. cxiij. Not to wander about. cxiij. Always to communicate, if they celebrate. cxiv. note. Penalty on persons usurping the office. cxvij. Not allowed to reconcile a church. cxlix. Alone entitled to consecrate the Eucharist. 203. Have powers to confer benedictions. 204. Anciently anointed on the head. 212. To learn how to celebrate the Eucharist. 223. Processions. 366. Banners used. 367.

Pulpit, at coronations. 68. Pupilla oculi. lxxix. note.

Ray-cloth. 52.

Rectors to be in priest's orders. cxij. Reconsecration of a church: for bidden. cxlvj. Whether necessary, if the altar had been destroyed. cxlviij. Examples in the 17th century. cxlix. note.

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