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in his mortal life; his bitter anguish, his agony and bloody sweat; all the injuries and affronts, all the blows and stripes, all the bruises and wounds, that he received for us. Remember his death, which thou wast pleased should be the fountain of our life; and, for the sake of his sacred passion, have mercy on us.

O my dear Lord and Saviour, who hast here given me thyself, I would gladly make some suitable return to thee for this infinite love; I would gladly make thee some offering in acknowledgment of this rich present thou hast made me. But alas! thou knowest my poverty; thou knowest I have nothing worthy of thy acceptance; nothing but what, upon a thousand titles, is already thine. But, O my God, such is thy goodness, thou wilt be contented with the little that I can give thee, though it be thy own already; thou askest nothing but my heart, and this I here most willingly offer thee. Oh, be pleased to accept of it, and make it wholly thine for ever. I offer thee here my whole being, my body with its senses, and my soul with all its powers; that as thou hast at present honoured them both by thy presence, so they may both be thy temple for ever. Oh, sanctify and consecrate eternally to thyself this mansion, which thou hast this day chosen for thy abode. I give thee my memory, that it may be for ever recollected in thee; my understanding, that it may be always enlightened and directed by thy truth; and my will, that it may be ever conformable to thine, and ever burn with the love of thee. Oh, take me entirely into thy hands, with all that I have, and all that I am; and let nothing henceforward, in life or death, ever separate me from thee. Amen.


O most merciful Saviour, behold I have presumed to receive thee this day into my house, relying on thy infinite goodness and mercy, and hoping, like Zaccheus, to obtain thy benediction. But, alas, with how little preparation with how little devotion! From my heart I

beg pardon for my great unworthiness, and for my innumerable sins, which I detest for the love of thee; and I desire to detest them for ever. Oh, wash them all away with thy precious blood, for thou art the Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world; and one drop of this blood, which thou hast shed for us, is more than enough to cancel the sins of ten thousand worlds.

Thou seest, O Searcher of hearts, all my maladies, and all the wounds of my soul. Thou knowest how prone I am to evil, and how backward and sluggish to good. Who can heal all these my evils but thou, the true physician of my soul, who givest me thy body and blood in this blessed sacrament, as a sovereign medicine for all my infirmities, and a sovereign balsam for all my wounds? Dispel the darkness of ignorance and error from my understanding by thy heavenly light; drive away the corruption and malice of my will by the fire of divine love and charity; strengthen my weakness with heavenly fortitude; subdue in me all evil passions, particularly that which is most deeply rooted in me, and is my ruling passion; stand by me henceforward in all my temptations, that I may never more be overcome; remove from me all dangerous occasions; and grant me that I may rather die a thousand deaths than live to offend thee mortally.

O my Jesus, thou art infinitely rich, and all the treasures of divine grace are locked up in thee! These treasures thou bringest with thee when thou dost visit us in this blessed sacrament, and thou takest an infinite pleasure in opening them to us, to enrich our poverty. This it is that gives me confidence to present thee now with my petitions, and to beg of thee those graces and virtues which I stand so much in need of, as thou knowest. Oh, increase and strengthen my belief of thy heavenly truths; and grant that henceforward I may ever live by faith, and be guided by the maxims of thy Gospel. Teach me to be poor in spirit, and take off my heart from the love of these transitory things, and fix it upon eternity teach me, by thy divine example, and by thy most efficacious grace, to be meek and humble of heart, and in my patience to possess my soul. Grant that

I may ever keep my body and soul chaste and pure; that I may ever bewail my past sins, and by a daily mortification, restrain all irregular inclinations and passions for the future. Above all things teach me to love thee, to be ever recollected in thee, and to walk always in thy presence; teach me to love my friends in thee, and my enemies for thee; grant me grace to persevere to the end in this love, and so to come one day to that blessed place where I may love and enjoy thee for ever.

Have mercy also on my parents, friends, and benefactors, and on all those for whom I am in any way bound to pray, that we may all love thee and faithfully serve thee. Have mercy on thy whole Church, and on all the clergy, and religious men and women, that all may live up to their callings, and sanctify thy name. Give thy grace and blessing to all princes and magistrates, and to all Christian people; convert all unbelievers and sinners, and bring all strayed sheep back to thy fold; particularly have mercy on N and N, &c.

Ŏ blessed Virgin, Mother of my God and Saviour. recommend all these my petitions to your Son. O all ye angels and saints, citizens of heaven, unite your prayers with mine: you ever stand before the throne, and see him face to face whom I here receive under veils; be ever mindful of me, and obtain from him, and through him, that with you I may bless him and love him for ever. Amen.


Method of Hearing Mass for One who intends to Com= municate thereat.

Assist at the Mass at which you are to communicate, as you would have assisted at the last Supper, at which Jesus Christ instituted the adorable Sacrament which you are about to receive. "With desire I have desired to eat this Pasch with you before I suffer," said this most loving Saviour to his Apostles (Luke xxii. 15); the same desire constrains him to give himself to those among his children whose hearts he finds duly prepared. Renew, then, your attention, and quicken your fervour during this most holy sacrifice.

Before Mass.

How great is my happiness; the God of heaven and earth is coming to dwell within me. Reflect for a moment, O my soul, on this most joyful thought.... How must I prepare my heart, of which that supper-room was but the figure!... O my God, prepare it for thyself; for without thee I can do nothing.

On seeing the Priest at the foot of the Altar, imagine you see Christ himself entering the supper-room; bow yourself humbly down, and beg to be admitted by the side of Mary.

I come, O Lord, to beg for life and nourishment for my soul. Why should I be uneasy and disquieted at the sight of thy tabernacles? I have been invited by the love of thy divine heart, and am presented by Mary, whom thou hast given me for a mother. Let burn before mine eyes the bright torch of faith; purify my heart,

sustain my weakness, send down upon me from the height of thy throne that heavenly wisdom which makes known to thy children the dignity of the sacraments, the holiness of thy law, and the majesty of thy presence. O my soul, go forward with confidence towards the holy mountain; thou art about to receive a God who fears to lose thee, and longs for thy salvation. Declare his praises, admire the wondrous effects of his divine charity; say to him: O God of all goodness, who art pleased to feed me with the bread of angels, inspire me with all the fervour of the blessed who reign with thee in heaven.

At the Confiteor.

Humble thyself at the remembrance of thy sins.

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Thou wilt not accept, Lord, the praises of a guilty heart: I will not seek to justify myself before thee, I will cry aloud with the prodigal: I have sinned against heaven and before thee; I am not worthy to be called the beloved child of thy heart; it is through my fault that I have sinned, through my fault, my grievous fault, I cannot repeat it too often, both to render homage to the truth and to humble my own pride; I have abused thy graces a thousand times, and how then shall I dare to seat myself at the table of the elect? holy Virgin, who wast the sanctuary of the Son of God made man; O angel of the desert, who didst prepare his way; O faithful disciples, who didst listen to him with such docility, and didst receive him with such faith in that holy supper; O blessed spirits, who possess him in heaven, join your prayers with mine; beg of him grace for me, and he will hear you: yea, his mercy itself will speak, and disarm the divine justice. Oh, that, purified by the graces which you shall obtain for me, I may merit

to be admitted to the table of the Lord.

At the Introit.

Celebrate the goodness of the Lord for the gift which he has bestowed upon us in the Mystery of the holy Eucharist.

The Lord hath opened the gates of heaven; he hath

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