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Sacred Heart of Jesus dur- | Form of reconciling a con-

ing Mass, 302.

Explanation of the ceremo-

nies of Baptism, 399.

Confirmation, 418.
holy Mass, 261.

litany of Loretto, 154.

vert, &c., 736.

Forty days' prayer, the, 363.
Four last things, the, 13.
Francis, St., of Sales, protes-
tation after Confession, re-
commended by, 186.

Exposition of the Blessed Sa- | Friday, devotions for, 87.

crament, Order of, 520.

Extreme Unction, sacrament
of, 452.


Order of administering,

meditation for, 74.

Friends, prayer for, 62.

Fruits, the twelve, of the

Holy Ghost, 11.

prayer for, 116.

Faith and practice, summary Gertrude, St., prayer of, to

of, 16.

Faith, Association for the
Propagation of, 396.

Family prayers, 48.

or congregation, prayer

for, 60.

Famine, prayer in time of, 61.
Fasting days, 3.

Fasts of obligation, 3.

Feast of the Sacred Heart of
Mary, 388.

Feasts, movable, 1.

of devotion, 2.
obligation, 2.

Festivals, vespers for, 506.
Fifteen meditations, 80.
Figures of the Holy Eucharist

in Old Testament, 313.
Forgiveness of sins, prayer
for, 61.

Form of conferring the last
blessing and plenary indul-
gence, 462.

the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

ditto of Mary, 386.
Ghost, Holy, hymns of the,

litany of, 642.

seven gifts of the, 11.
prayer for the, 415.
sins against the, 12.
twelve fruits of the, 11.
prayer for the, 416.

Gloria in excelsis, 210.
Gloria Patri, 22.

Glorified, litany of Jesus, 655.
Going forth, prayer at, 37.
into church, 37.
Golden Litany, the, 693.
Good Friday, hymn for, 706.
Good works, three eminent,

Gospel of St. John, 248.
Grace before meat, 38.

after, 38.

Guardian Angel, litany of, Hymns :-


prayer to, 31.

Hail Mary, 21.

Happiness eternal, meditation
on, 68.

Heart, Sacred, of Jesus, an
exercise of union with, dur-
ing Mass, 302.
Confraternity of the, 373.
devotion to the, 372.
hymn of the, 715.
litany of, 659.

- Mary, Association of, 388.
devotion to, 383.

indulgenced prayer to,

litany of, 660.
Heathens, prayer for, 62.
Hell, meditation on, 72.
Heretics, prayer for, 62.
Holy water, prayer at taking,

Husband or wife, prayer for,
Hymns, 700.


Adeste fideles,-Ye faithful,
approach ye, 703.
Adoro te devote, O God-
head hid, devoutly I adore
thee, 713.
Alma Redemptoris, — Mo-


ther of Christ, hear thou
thy people's cry, 560.
Ave maris stella,- Gentle
star of ocean, 587, 716.

Ave Regina,-Hail, O Queen

of heaven, 558.

Ave verum corpus,-Hail to
thee! true body, 715.
Dies ira,-Nigher still, and
still more nigh, 721.
Iste confessor,-The confes-
sor of Christ, 720.
Lauda Sion,-Sion, lift thy
voice, 711.

Lucis Creator optime,-0
blest Creator of the light,

Memento rerum Conditor,—
O Creator


Lord, 562.

O salutaris hostia,-O sav-
ing victim, 710.

Pange lingua, — Sing, my
tongue, the Saviour's
glory, 710.


Quem terra, pontus, sidera,
-The Lord whom earth
and sea and sky, 524.
Regina cæli,-Joy to thee,
O Queen of heaven, 558.
Salve, arca fæderis,-Hail,
Solomon's throne, 599.
Salve horologium, — Hail,
dial of Achaz, 602.
Salve, mundi domina, -
Hail, Queen of the hea-
vens, 597.
Salve, Regina,-Mother of
mercy, hail, 559.
Salve, urbs refugii,—Hail,
city of refuge, 601.

Salve, Virgo florens,-Hail,
Mother most pure, 602.
Salve, Virgo puerpera,
Hail, virginal Mother, 600.
Salve, Virgo sapiens,-Hail,

Virgin most wise, 599.
Stabat Mater,-At the cross
her station keeping, 717.
Tantum ergo,- Down in
adoration falling, 711.
Te lucis ante terminum,—
Now with the fast-de-
parting light, 517.
Veni Creator, - Come, O
Creator Spirit, 708.
Veni Sancte Spiritus,
Holy Spirit! Lord of light!

Verbum supernum prodiens,
The Word descending

from above, 710.


All ye who seek a certain

cure, 715.


Lord of eternal purity, 700.
My God, I love thee, 720.
Now at the Lamb's high
festival, 706.

Now with the rising gol-
den dawn, 700.
O'erwhelm'd in depths of

woe, 706.

O Jesu, life-spring of the
soul, 719.

O thou eternal King, 707.
Thou loving Maker of man-
kind, 705.

What mortal tongue can
sing, 716.

Ignatius, St., prayer of, 353.
Image of Blessed Virgin, visit
to, 390.
Immaculate Conception, litany
of the, 661.

Office of the, 597.

Heart of Mary, Associa-

tion of, 388.

Bethlehem, of noblest cities, Incarnate Word, litany of the,


Forth comes the standard
of the king, 705.

Giver of life, eternal Lord, Indulgence, plenary, and last



Indulgenced prayer before

crucifix, 362.

blessing, 461.

Pius IX., 195.

Hark! an awful voice is Indulgences granted by Pope

sounding, 702.

Jesu, Redeemer of the world,


Jesu, the very thought of

thee, 704.

Joseph, pure spouse, 719.

instructions on, 189.

list of, 190.

plenary, for England, 14.
Infant Jesus, litany of, 646.
Infants, Burial of, 488.

Institution of the Holy Child- | Last blessing, and plenary in-

[blocks in formation]

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Mass for the dead, 251.

[blocks in formation]

instructions for hearing,


method of hearing, for an
intending communicant, 344.
of thanksgiving after
Communion, 354.

Ordinary of the, 203.
Matrimony, Ritual of, 428.
sacrament of, 426.
Meditation before Commu-
nion, 313.

daily, subjects for, 13.
method of hearing Mass
by way of, 294.

Meditations, fifteen, on the
Passion, 80.


for every day in the week,

Marriage, solemnising of, when Memorare, the, 22.

forbidden, 3.

Married persons, prayer for,


Martyrs, vespers for, 509.
Mary, Association of the Holy
and Immaculate Heart of,

devotion to, 383.

- litany of the Holy Name

of, 663.


Mercies of God, meditation
on, 73.
Mercy, corporal works of, 12.
spiritual works of, 12.
Method of hearing Mass by
way of meditation, 294.

for an intending commu-
nicant, 344.

for the dead, 251.
Michael, St., hymn of, 719.

ditto of Sacred Heart of, Monday, meditation for, 69.

Mass, an exercise of union
with the Sacred Heart of

Jesus, during, 302.

Canon of the, 230.
devotions for, 275.
explanation of the, 263.

Morning hymn, 700.

prayer, 24.

second form, 28.

third ditto, 31.
Mortal sins, the seven, 12.

examination of conscience

on, 178.

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