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Movable feasts, table of, 1.
Mysteries in the Holy Eucha-
rist, 316.

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O salutaris hostia, 710.
Our Father, 21.

of the Rosary, prayers on Pagans, prayer for, 62.

the, 150.

Paraphrase on the Litany of

Loretto, 154.

Name, Holy, of Jesus, hymn Parents, prayer for, 65.

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Office of the Immaculate Con- Penance, litany of, 687.

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Plenary indulgence explained, Propagation of the faith, As-
sociation for the, 396.

Plenary indulgences for Eng- Protestation after Confession,

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- concerning death, 447.
Psalms, Gradual, 609.

other occasional, 610.
Penitential, 604.


Psalm cix. Ad Dominum, —

When I was in

trouble, &c., 568.

cxxii. Ad te levavi,-Un-
to thee have

lifted up mine
eyes, &c., 572.

cxviii. Beati immaculati,

-Blessed are the

undefiled in the
way, &c., 473.

cxxvii. Beati omnes,

Blessed are all

they that fear

the Lord, &c.,


cxi. Beatus vir,-Bless-

ed is the man

that feareth the
Lord, &c., 501.

lxxxiv. Benedixisti Domi-

ne,-Thou hast
blessed thy land,
O Lord, &c., 563.

XCV. Cantate Domino.
cantate, Sing
unto the Lord,
&c. Sing, &c.,


Ps. exlix. Cantate Domino..

laus ejus,&c.,

Sing unto the

Lord, &c. let his
praise, &c., 550.

xcvii. Cantate Domino..
quia mirabilia,
-Sing unto the
Lord, &c. for he
hath done, &c.,

xviii. Cœli enarrant, -
The heavens de-
clare, &c., 526.

cx. Confitebor tibi....
in consilio, - I
will praise thee,
&c. in the assem-
bly, &c., 500.
cxvii. Confitemini Domi-
no,-O praise ye
the Lord, &c., 471.
cxv. Credidi,- I be-
lieved, and there-
fore, &c., 506.

iv. Cum invocarem,—
When I called
upon him,&c. 541.

exxix. De profundis,

Out of the
depths, &c., 592.

lxii. Deus, Deus meus,
O God, my

God, &c., 545.

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Ps. cxxxiii. Ecce nunc, Be- Ps. cxvi. Laudate Dominum


hold now, &c.,

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ravi, In thee,
O Lord, have I
hoped, &c., 515.

xcix. Jubilate Deo, -
Sing joyfully un-
to God, &c., 544.

cxxi. Lætatus sum in his,
-I was glad at
the things, &c.,

cxlviii. Laudate Dominum

de cœlis,-Praise

the Lord from

the heavens, &c.,

cl. Laudate Dominum

in sanctis ejus,-
Praise the Lord
in his holy places,
&c., 550.

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Ps. cxxviii. Sæpe expugnave- | Ps. xxxviii. Domine, ne in fu-

runt, Many a

time have they

fought, &c., 591.

xciv. Venite exultemus,—

O come, let us

sing, &c., 523.


xxi. Beati

Blessed are they
whose sins are
forgiven,&c. 604.

cii. Benedic, anima,—
Bless the Lord,
O my soul, &c.,

cxxxvii. Confitebor tibi
quoniam,-I will
praise, &c., for
thou hast heard,
&c. 613.

cxliii. Domine, exaudi ...
auribus, Hear
my prayer, O
Lord, &c., give
ear, &c., 608.

ci. Domine, exaudi...

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Psalter of Jesus, 101.
Purgatory, chaplet for the
souls in, 497.

litany for ditto, 682.

prayers for ditto, 493.

seven supplications for

ditto, 494.

Quarant' Ore, the, 363.

litany and prayers for,

&c. Have mercy
on me, 604.


Queen, prayer for, 59.

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