The Portfolio, Volume 1

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David Urquhart
J. Maynard., 1843

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Page 308 - And it appears in our books, that in many cases, the common law will control acts of parliament, and sometimes adjudge them to be utterly void ; for when an act of parliament is against common right and reason, or repugnant, or impossible to be performed, the common law will control it, and adjudge such act to be void ; and therefore in 8 E 330 ab Thomas Tregor's case on the statutes of W.
Page 341 - De minoribus rebus principes consultant, de maioribus omnes, ita tamen ut ea quoque, quorum penes plebem arbitrium est, apud principes pertractentur.
Page 461 - ... a seditious intention is an intention to bring into hatred or contempt, or to excite disaffection against the person of Her Majesty, her heirs, or successors, or the government and constitution of the United Kingdom, as by law established, or either House of Parliament, or the administration of justice, or to excite Her Majesty's subjects, to attempt otherwise than by lawful means...
Page 308 - ... an act of parliament can do no wrong, though it may do several things that look pretty odd...
Page 371 - Ireland, to fish for. or to take, dry or cure any fish of any kind whatever within three marine miles of any coasts, bays, creeks or harbors whatever in any part of His Majesty's dominions in America, not included within the limits specified...
Page 549 - ... or spoil, was and yet is administered, adjudged, and executed by sundry judges and ministers of the other part of the said body politic called the temporalty ; and both their authorities and jurisdictions do conjoin together in the due administration of justice, the one to help the other.
Page 456 - I call on any man who hears me to take down my words. You have not been elected for this purpose. You are appointed to make laws, and not legislatures.
Page 116 - ... to protect an infamous contraband traffic, and if it were never to be hoisted except as it is now hoisted on the coast of China, we should recoil from its sight with horror...
Page 308 - And what my Lord Coke says in Dr. Bonham's Case, in his 8 Co., is far from any extravagancy ; for it is a very reasonable and true saying, that, if an Act of Parliament should ordain that the same person should be party and judge, or, which is the same thing, judge in his own cause, it would be a void Act of Parliament...

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