Quellen und Forschungen zur Sprach- und Culturgeschichte der germanischen Völker, Volumes 71-72

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K.J. Trübner, 1892
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Page xv - Sevilla de fide catholica contra Judaeos. Nach der Pariser und Wiener Handschrift mit Abhandlung und Glossar herausgegeben von K.
Page 6 - ... with all his counsellors, out of the kingdom. But he, as we have said, acting with great clemency and prudent counsel, so wished things to be done, that the kingdom might not come into danger; and he placed Judith, daughter of King Charles, whom he had received from...
Page 88 - A dating at the end of the ninth or beginning of the tenth century, and B a little later.
Page 46 - The probability of this being properly a line of normal length has been already noted on p. 38; the form in which it is preserved in the MS., as well as the stylistic effect, make this probable. By the introduction of an ordinary line a pause is made in the sequence of expanded lines and thus the effect of the immediately following group is heightened. A similar pause is to be observed in 1. 96".
Page 5 - Saxon poem," is amply justified by the available evidence. Of the author of JUDITH and the circumstances of composition we know nothing at all, but some ingenious suggestions have been made. Cook in 1888 presented at some length the hypothesis that the poem was "composed, in or about the year 856, in gratitude for the deliverance of Wessex from the fury of the heathen Northmen...
Page xiv - Salvatoris nostri nativitate, passione et resurreetione, coelique ascensu .... Ex Códice membraneo .... omni cum cura scripsit Fridericus Rostgaard 1697 (enthalten auf ss. 335—409 der Dänischen Bibliothek oder Sammlung von Alten und Neuen Gelehrten Sachen aus Dännemarck. Zweites Stück. Coppenhagen und Leipzig 1738.) 4. EG Graff. Althochdeutsche im Cod. par. 2326 enthaltene Übersetzung eines Theils des isidorischen Tractats de nativitate domini. Treu nach der Handschrift herausgegeben (in Germania,...
Page 90 - Alfred's daughter, and he arrived at the conclusion: "jEthelflaed, then, is Mercia's Judith, for she by no ordinary strategy, we are told, raised her Kingdom and people to their old position. She, like the Hebrew Judith, abandoned the older strategy of raid and battle, not indeed to murder the Danish chief, but to build fortresses and beleaguer her enemies.
Page 6 - Haec dicit dominus Christo meo Gyro, cujus apprehendi dexteram, ut subjiciam ante faciem ejus gentes et dorsa regum vertam et aperiam ante eum j anuas, et portae non claudentur.
Page 48 - Haec dicit Dominus Christo meo Cyro (says God, according to Isaiah) 94 cujus apprehendi dexteram, ut subjiciam ante faciem ejus gentes, et dorsa regem vertam, et aperiam coram eo januas, et portae non claudentur. Ego ante te ibo: et gloriosos terrae humiliabo: portas aereas conteram, et vectes ferreos confringam...
Page 10 - It clearly belongs to the culminating point of the Old Northumbrian literature, combining, as it does, the highest dramatic and constructive power with the utmost brilliance of language and metre.

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