Trivial Pursuit

Front Cover, 2006 M11 27 - 336 pages
TRIVIAL PURSUIT - Beef Tea and Marlowe Philips are incompetent private detectives who are on a case that takes them through the USA, Mexico and finally to Spain. They are following the dangerous criminals Wilma and Lance, who are, in turn, trying to kill them. They run across some strange characters, like Boll Weevil, the Texan peanut farmer, Fat Al, the Mexican drugs baron, or Tobias Jugg, the captain of a tramp steamer, and several celebrities, such as Bob Dylan, Edgar Broughton and Captain Beefheart, together with a weird menagerie of animals. As they journey on they reminisce, talking about and criticising or praising such things as varied as cricket averages, Play-doh, Marcel Proust and Roger Whittaker. The mystery ends with a modern enactment of the last scenes of Hamlet.


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