Negocios externos: Documentos apresentados ás Cortes na sessão legislativa de 1891 pelo ministro e secretario d'estado dos negocios estrangeiros. Negocios d'Africa. Negociaçoes do tratado com a Inglaterra IV.

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Imprensa nacional, 1891 - 283 pages

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Page 158 - One Power will not in the sphere of the other make acquisitions; conclude Treaties, accept sovereign rights or Protectorates, nor hinder the extension of influence of the other.
Page 157 - Africa, have determined to conclude a convention to that effect, and have named as their respective plenipotentiaries...
Page 252 - Thence it runs in a direct line to the eastern shore of Lake Chilwa or Shirwa, which it follows to its southeasternmost point; thence in a direct line to the easternmost affluent of the River Ruo, and thence follows that affluent, and, subsequently, the centre of the channel of the Ruo to its confluence with the River Shire. From...
Page 160 - Zambesi, its affluents, branches, and outlets shall be considered, in their quality of means of communication, as dependencies of this river, and as equally open to the traffic of both Powers.
Page 158 - Greenwich; it follows that degree southwards to its intersection by the 18° 30' parallel of south latitude; thence it follows the upper part of the eastern slope of the Manica plateau southwards to the centre of the main channel of the Sabi, follows that channel to its confluence with the Lunte, whence it strikes direct to the north-eastern point of the frontier of the South African Republic, and follows the eastern frontier of the Republic, and the frontier of Swaziland, to the River Maputa.
Page 157 - Loangwa, runs directly southwards as far as the 16th parallel of south latitude, follows that parallel to its intersection with the 31st degree of longitude east of Greenwich, thence running eastward direct to the point where the River Mazoe is intersected by the 33rd degree of longitude east of Greenwich ; it follows that degree southwards to its intersection by the 18° 30...
Page 255 - The rules which she may establish for the safety and control of navigation shall be drawn up in a way to facilitate, as far as possible, the circulation of merchant ships.
Page 255 - In the exercise of this navigation the subjects and flags of all nations shall be treated, in all circumstances, on a footing of perfect equality, not only for the direct navigation from the open sea to the inland ports of the Niger, and...
Page 160 - In the interest of both Powers, Portugal agrees to grant absolute freedom of passage between the British sphere of influence and Pungwe Bay for all merchandise of every description, and to give the necessary facilities for the improvement of the means of communication.
Page 230 - ARTICLE X. In all territories in East and Central Africa belonging to or under the influence of either Power missionaries of both countries shall have full protection. Religious toleration and freedom for all forms of Divine worship and religious teaching are guaranteed.

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