A Compendium of Ecclesiastical History, Volume 5

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T. & T. Clark, 1855
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Page 346 - Christ has delivered and redeemed us all, without exception by the shedding of his precious blood, the lowly as well as the great. Accordingly, it is consistent with Scripture that we should be free and wish to be so.
Page 185 - T. vp 25) : ut totius vitae tuae Christum velut unicum scopum praefigas, ad quem unum omnia studia, omnes conatus, omne otium ac negotium conferas.
Page 346 - ... the water. Accordingly it is our desire if a man holds possession of waters that he should prove from satisfactory documents that his right has been unwittingly acquired by purchase. We do not wish to take it from him by force, but his rights should be exercised in a Christian and brotherly fashion. But whosoever cannot produce such evidence should surrender his claim with good grace.
Page 156 - La cause de l'aller voir fut parce qu'il avoit tousjours presché en grande faveur du Roy, et sa parole avoit gardé les Florentins de tourner contre nous : car jamais prescheur n'eut tant de credit en cité. Il avoit tousjours...
Page 360 - The indulgence was so highly prized, that when the commissary entered a city, the Bull was borne on a satin or goldembroidered cushion, and all the priests and monks, the town council, schoolmaster, scholars, men, women, maidens, and children, went out to meet it with banners and tapers, with songs and procession.
Page 180 - Si quis autem putet tam divulgatam impietatem, tamque acribus munitam ingeniis sola quadam simplici praedicatione fidei apud homines posse deleri, is a vero longius aberrare palam re ipsa procul dubio convincetur, majore...
Page 346 - Todfall [ie, heriot], and will no longer endure it, nor allow widows and orphans to be thus shamefully robbed against God's will, and in violation of justice and right, as has been done in many places, and by those who should shield and protect them. These have disgraced and despoiled us, and although they had little authority they assumed it.
Page 275 - Lieber Er Doctor! Ich hab Euern Brief, welchs Datum stehet am Sonntag nach Katharine empfangen und verlesen, und zu Gnaden und allem Guten angenommen, versehe mich aber gänzlich, die Ursach sei längst abgestellt, so Euch zu solchem Schreiben bewegt hat. Und will mich, ob Gott will, dergestalt halten und erzeigen...
Page 258 - Ich bin es schuldig zu sagen; könnte ich, so wollte ich auch also thun. Es ist mir lieber, die Welt zürne mit mir denn Gott; man wird mir je nicht mehr denn das Leben können nehmen.
Page 346 - ... selfish and not agreeable to the word of God. In some places the authorities preserve the game to our great annoyance and loss, recklessly permitting the unreasoning animals to destroy to no purpose our crops which God suffers to grow for the use of man and yet we must remain quiet.

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