The Casuist: A Collection of Cases in Moral and Pastoral Theology, Volume 4

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J.F. Wagner, 1912
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De Procurando Abortu
A Minors Obligation to Restore
Excommunication on Account of Abortion
Some Liturgical Questions Concerning Holy Mass
The Dispensation Super Impedimento Consanguinitatis
Is It Lawful to Make Another Person Drunk ?
Impediment of Crime
Christian Burial of Masons
The Marriage Impediment of Error
What Risk Must a Priest Take to Give the Last Sacraments ?
A Pastors Jurisdiction Regarding Marriage
The Number of Sins Caused by Envy
Executing the Provisions of a Will
Does the Effect of Extreme Unction Revive?
Servile Work on Sunday
The Rite of the Nuptial Blessing
A Case of Conscience Regarding Confessio Externa Fidei
Is it a Grievous Sin for Innkeepers to Supply Spirituous Liquors to Customers who are Drinking to Excess or Who are Already
Is a Man Bound to Make Compensation for Not Having Prevented Some Injury to His Neighbor ?
What Are the Obligations of a Person Who Has Disposed of an Article that He Found Without Making Any Attempt to Dis cover the Owner?
Remedium Illicitum
The Seal of the Confessional Must be Observed even in the Con fessional Itself
The Administration of the Viaticum in Cases of Cancer of the Esophagus Gullet
A Questionable Penance
A Salted Gold Mine
Never Refuse to Hear a Confession
The Confession of a Woman Who Has on Her Own Authority Left Her Husband
Case of a Marriage Rendered Invalid by Failure to Apply for a Dispensation at the Proper Time
The Seal of the Confessional
Partiality in Bishops Appointment Not Simony
A Mistake Regarding Mass Intention
The Meaning of the Clause Cum Gravi et Diuturna Pænitentia Salutari in Marriage Dispensations
Sham Bidding at an Auction
May a Relic be Venerated if there is any Doubt Regarding its Authenticity ?
Protestant Baptism
The Sense of the Words Pure Virgin in the Constitution of a Religious Order

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Page 227 - Calix Dominicus juxta canonum praeceptum, vino et aqua permixtus debet offerri, quia videmus in aqua populum intelligi, in vino vero ostendi sanguinem Christi. Ergo cum in calice vinum et aqua miscetur, Christo populus adunatur, et fidelium plebs ei in quem credit, copulatur et jungitur.
Page 227 - Monet deinde sancta Synodus, praeceptum esse ab Ecclesia sacerdotibus, ut aquam vino in calice offerendo miscerent: tum quod Christum Dominum ita fecisse credatur, tum etiam quia e latere ejus aqua simul cum sanguine exierit, quod Sacramentum hac mixtione recolitur: et cum aquae in Apocalypsi beati Joannis populi dicantur; ipsius populi fidelis cum capite Christo unio repraesentatur.
Page 306 - Sancti, verum perficiatur baptisma: quoniam cum prmcipalis causa, ex qua baptismus virtutem habet, sit Sancta Trinitas ; Instrumentalis autem sit minister, qui tradit exterius sacramentum, si exprimitur actus, qui per ipsum exercetur ministrum, cum Sanctae Trinitatis invocatione, perfieitur sacramentum.
Page 306 - Baptizatur manibus meis talis in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti", verum per- 25 ficiatur baptisma; quoniam cum principalis causa, ex qua baptismus virtutem habet, sit sancta trinitas, instrumentalis autem sit minister, qui tradit exterius sacramentum, si exprimitur actus, qui...
Page 182 - Frequent and daily Communion, as a thing most earnestly desired by Christ our Lord and by the Catholic Church, should be open to all the faithful, of whatever rank and condition of life; so that no one who is in the state of grace, and who approaches the Holy Table with a right and devout intention, can lawfully be hindered therefrom.
Page 181 - ... appointed number of Communions should be regarded as a minimum, and not as setting a limit to the devotion of the religious. Therefore, freedom of access to the Eucharistic Table, whether more frequently or daily, must always be allowed them, according to the principles above laid down in this Decree. And in order that all religious of both sexes may clearly understand the provisions of this Decree, the Superior of each house is to see that it is -read in community in the vernacular, every year...
Page 203 - Utile tempus ad manualium missarum obligationes implendas esse mensem pro missa una, semestre pro centum missis, et aliud longius vel brevius temporis spatium plus minusve, iuxta maiorem vel minorem numerum missarum.
Page 143 - Si quis intra gradus prohibitos scienter matrimonium contrahere praesumerit, separatur et spe dispensationis consequendae careat. Idque in eo multo magis locum habeat, qui non tantum matrimonium contrahere sed etiam consummare ausus fuerit.
Page 227 - In sacramentorum oblationibus, quae intra Missarum solemnia Domino offeruntur, panis tantum et vinum aqua permixtum in sacrificium offerantur. Non enim debet in calicem Domino aut vinum solum, aut aqua sola offerri, sed utrumque permixtum: quia utrumque, id est, sanguis et aqua, ex latere Christi profluxisse legitur.
Page 205 - ... missis, et aliud longius vel brevius temporis spatium plus minusve, iuxta maiorem vel minorem numerum missarum. (3) Nemini licere tot missas assumere quibus intra annum a die susceptae obligationis satisfacere probabiliter ipse nequeat ; salva...

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