The Works in Verse and Prose Complete of the Right Honourable Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke ...: Essay on the poetry of Lord Brooke. Treatie of humane learning. An inqvisition vpon fame and honovr. Treatie of warres. Minor poems (hitherto uncollected)

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private circulation, 1870
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Page xvii - Strength, comeliness of shape, or amplest merit, That woman's love can win, or long inherit ; But what it is, hard is to say, Harder to hit, Which way soever men refer it, Much like thy riddle, Samson, in one day Or seven, though one should musing sit.
Page 145 - Declaring in his thoughts, his life, and that he writ, Highest conceits, longest foresights, and deepest works of wit. He...
Page xxi - THE mind of man is this world's true dimension, And knowledge is the measure of the mind...
Page lxi - Cynthia, because your horns look divers ways, Now darkened to the east, now to the west, Then at full glory once in thirty days, Sense doth believe that change is nature's rest. Poor earth, that dare presume to judge the sky: Cynthia is ever round, and never varies; Shadows and distance do abuse the eye, And in abused sense truth oft miscarries : Yet who this language to the people speaks, Opinion's empire, sense's idol, breaks.
Page lxix - Distinction lost, or gone down with the light; The eye a watch to inward senses plac'd, Not seeing, yet still having power of sight, Gives...
Page 9 - IMAGINATION. KNOWLEDGE'S next organ is imagination— A glass wherein the object of our sense Ought to respect true height or declination For understanding's clear intelligence ; But this power also hath her variation, Fixed in some, in some with difference, In all so shadowed with self-application As makes her pictures still too foul or fair, Not like the life in lineament or air. This power, besides, always cannot receive What sense reports, but what th...
Page 19 - What then are all these humane arts, and lights, But seas of errors ? In whose depths who sound, Of truth finde only shadowes, and no ground.
Page 46 - Is growne a Siren in the formes of pleading, Captiuing reason, with the painted skinne Of many words ; with empty sounds misleading Vs to false ends, by these false forms abuse, Brings neuer forth that Truth, whose name they vse.
Page 139 - In earth so wanes and waxes my delight. And whisper this, but softly in her eares, Hope oft doth hang the head, and trust shed teares. And you, my thoughts, that some mistrust do cary...

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