Apologia Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, recens. et notas addidit A.C. Campbell

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Page xxvii - Biblia Hebraica, or, The Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament, without points, after the text of Kennicott ; with the chief various readings selected from his Collation of Hebrew MSS., from that of De Rossi, and from the Ancient Versions; accompanied with English Notes, Critical, Philological, and Explanatory, selected from the most approved Ancient and Modern, English and Foreign, Biblical Critics.
Page 21 - Christo suscitans illum a mortuis • et constituens ad dexteram suam in caelestibus • 21 supra omnem principatum et potestatem et virtutem et dominationem • et omne nomen quod nominatur non solum in hoc saeculo sed...
Page xiii - ... about two years. This extraordinary person is yet known by the title of Pope Joan. During the five succeeding centuries this event was generally believed, and a vast number of writers bore testimony to its truth...
Page xv - The zeal, vigilance, and resolution of Luther happily prevented the divisions, which the odious disciples of Munzer attempted to excite in the church he had founded, and preserved the giddy and credulous multitude from their seductions. And it may be safely affirmed, that, had it not been for the vigour and fortitude of this active and undaunted reformer, the Lutheran church would, in its infancy, have fallen a miserable prey to the enthusiastic fury of these detestable fanatics [f], XXII.
Page 84 - Antichristum esse sessurum? Montes mihi, et sylvae, et lacus, et carceres, et voragines sunt tutiores : in illis enim Prophetae, aut manentes aut demersi, Dei Spiritu prophetabant.
Page x - that among protestants heresy is taken " to be a false opinion repugnant to some point ** of doctrine clearly revealed in scripture, and ** either absolutely essential to the Christian *' faith, or at least of most high importance. " But it is impossible to set down all the par...
Page 35 - Christum complectitur, nee frigide percipitur, quod mente, fide, et spiritu percipitur. Ita enim nobis in illis mysteriis Christus ipse totus, quantus quantus est, offertur et traditur, ut vere sciamus, esse jam nos carnem de ejus...
Page 39 - Paulus monet 67, e communibus votis utilitatem communem capiat: quemadmodum omnes pii patres, et catholici episcopi, non tantum in Veteri, verum etiam in Novo Testamento, et precati sunt ipsi, et populum precari docuerunt : ne, ut Augustinus ait, tanquam psittaci et merulse, videamur sonare quod nescimus.
Page 34 - Quod videtis, panis est et calix, quod vobis etiam oculi vestri renuntiant : quod autem fides vestra postulat instruenda, panis est corpus Christi, calix sanguis Christi.
Page iii - Discunt in partes centum diducere. Dicat Filius Albini : si de quincunce remota est Uncia, quid superat ? Poteras dixisse. Triens. Eu ! Rem poteris servare tuam. Redit uncia, quid fit ? Semis.

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