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Benedictiones diversae.





Inclina, Domine Jesu, Salvator omnium et Redemptor, aures tuæ pietatis ad preces nostræ humilitatis, et per interventum beati Michaelis, archangeli tui, omniumque cœlestium virtutum, præsta nobis auxilium dexteræ tuæ, ut sicut be

1 The following is from a printed form, published in 4to., London, 1838: but I am not aware under what authority.

"Prayers used at the consecration of regimental standards and colours.

"The Lord's Prayer. "Our Father, etc. "Almighty and most merciful Father, our shield and buckler, our protector and preserver, the strength of all that put their trust in thee. With profound reverence and humility, and under a deep sense of our unworthiness, but in an entire dependence upon thy compassion and loving kindness, we prostrate ourselves at thy footstool. Justice and Judgment are the habitation of thy seat, and Mercy and Truth go before thy Face.'

"We approach thee, O Father, and pray unto thee for the light

of thy countenance upon us: and we beseech thee to incline thine ear unto our petition, and to hearken to the voice of our humble supplications.

"We implore thy blessing upon [this Standard, or these Colours, as the case may be] to be presented, this day, by


and, with all lowliness of mind, and humility of spirit, we now consecrate [it, or them] in thy Holy Name, to the cause of Peace and Happiness, Truth and Justice, Religion and Piety.

"We pray that

may always be borne by this Regiment as a token and pledge of their duty, fidelity, and honour; of their loyalty and zeal, their fortitude and valour, in the service of our most gracious Queen; and in the maintenance of our Holy Religion, our constitution,

nedixisti Abraham adversus quinque reges triumphantem, atque David regem in tui nominis laude triumphales congressus exercentem, ita benedicere et sanctificare digneris hoc vexillum, quod ob defensionem sanctæ ecclesiæ, contra hostilem rabiem defertur, quatenus in nomine tuo fideles et defensores populi tui illud sequentes, per virtutem sanctæ crucis triumphum, et victoriam, se ex hostibus acquisisse lætentur. Per te, Jesu Christe, qui cum Patre et Spiritu Sancto vivis et regnas Deus, per omnia sæcula sæculorum.


and laws and we beseech thee,
O Father, that
be as the ensign and banner of
their Christian profession; and
that they may put their hope, and
trust, and confidence in thee the
Lord of Hosts, without whose aid
vain is the help of man.

"Finally, we pray that thy
servants now before thee, and
that all the forces of our Queen,
throughout her dominions, for
whom we are also bound to offer,
up prayers and supplications, may
follow the example of the devout
centurion; who, amidst the tu-
mult of arms, "feared thee, with
all his house;" and may not, at
any time, be led aside from the
path of duty by the crafty devices
of the ungodly; but that in all
their words and actions, and in
their different ranks and stations,
they may continually set thee be-
fore them, and bear in mind the
solemn injunction, "to honour
all men," to "love the brother-
hood," to "fear God" and "ho-


nour the Queen."

"All this we ask through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

"O Almighty God, by whom Kings reign and Princes decree justice, bless, we beseech thee, our most gracious sovereign lady, Queen Victoria, Adelaide the Queen Dowager, and all the Royal Family, with health, prosperity, and happiness; give them length of days, in peace, joy, and honour, here on earth; let thine arm be their protection, and thy wisdom their counsel and guide; and when, by the aid of thy Divine Spirit, they have walked according to thy righteous will, and finished their course in this world, crown them, we beseech thee, with everlasting life and glory in the kingdom of Heaven; we ask all in the name, and through the mediation of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


"The Peace of God, etc."

Alia oratio.

Domine, Deus omnipotens, cui omnia possibilia sunt et nihil difficile est, benedic vexillum istud, sicut benedixisti serpentem æneum in eremo hasta elevatum, quem quicunque vulneribus sauciati aspexerunt salvabantur, quia Unigenitum tuum post longa sæcula cruce elevandum hoc portendebat mysterium; et præsta ut omnes qui illud super se elevari viderint, a quacunque infirmitate et periculo et occursu malo liberentur. Benedic etiam, Domine Deus, vexillum istud, sicut benedixisti dilectum puerum tuum David, cum adversus Philisten in funda et lapide congressus est, et Unigeniti tui virtutem, mundo quandoque venturam, suo præmonstravit prælio; adhuc te petimus, omnium dominator Domine, ut bene dicas illud, sicut benedixisti fluvium Jordanis, in quo Unigenitus tuus descendens, totius mundi maculas abolevit, et per baptismum omnes salvandos esse præostendebat, et quæ petere non presumimus aut quæ petendo impetrare non meremur, tu nobis concede propitius. Per eundem.




ENEDIC, Domine Jesu Christe, istud sigillum, in testimonium veritatis paratum, et concede per intercessionem beatæ Mariæ virginis et matris tuæ, et sanctorum apostolorum tuorum Petri et Pauli, ut et ipse in cujus officium et usum exercebitur, et qui ejus nomine eodem utentur, sic justitiæ et veritatis regulam teneant, et turpis lucri nemini respuant, ut pro temporali labore perpetuam a te mercedem consequi mereantur. Qui vivis.

Ad degradandum sacerdotes.

Ad restituendum degradatum.

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