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Deus qui caritatis dica, per radian Maneti Spiritus, term oondbes Bellum infinds da famulis et famalabus tula pro quibus tam deprecamar clementiam, salutem mentis et corporis, ut te t.ta virtute diligant, et qua tibi placita sunt tota diectione perficiant, et pacem tuam nostris concede temporibus: Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Item conversus ad pop dum, dicit sacerdos :

We shalle pray, and besecke god of his mercy for alle trewe crystyn sowles. In especial for alle bysshopes sowles, whos bodyes resteth in this holy place: For the bys hopes sowle Robert, the bysshops sowle Jocelyn, the bysshops sowle Herbert, the bysshops sowle Richarde, whicke bygan this chirche here, and first ordainid oure lady masse. For the bysshops sowle Robert, the bysshopes sowle William, the bysshops sowle Gyle, the bysshops sowle Water, The bishopps soule Robert, the bysshops soule Water, the bisshops sowle Herry, the bisshops soule William, the bisshops soule Nichol, the bisshops soule Symon, the bisshops soule Rogger, the bisshopes soule Robert, and for the bisshops soule William Edyngton that was bisshop of Wynchester, the bisshops soule, John Waltham, and for William's soule Wykham, that was bisshop of Wynchester: for the bysshop's soule Richard Medeford, for Thomas soule Arundelle that was archebishop of Canterbury, and for the Byschop sowle Robert Halum, the Byschop sowle Nichol Bubwyth that was Byschop of Bathe. And for herrys sowle Bewfort late Bysshop of Wynchester and Cardinal of Rome: for the Bysshop sowle John Chaundeler. And for the Bysshop sowle

William Ayscogh, and for the Byschop soule Rycharde Bewchamp, the Byschop soule James Goldwel, the Byschop soule John Blythe, the Byschop soule Thomas Langton that was bysshop of Wynchester, the Bischop soule Leouell, the Bischop soule Harry Shere, And for the Bysshop soule Edmunde Awdeley.

Whych Byschopys have in ther tyme wurchipped thys churche wythe precyous vestymentys, and many other Jewells.

For the soules of all deanes, chanons, vicars, prestes, and clerks, that thus churche served in ther liff. In especiall the deane soule Robert. The deane soule M. Gilbert Rymer, etc.

M. Thomas Holes. M. Rycharde Dudley.

M. John Baker. M. John Pryce.

And for the soules of all other mynysters of thus churche, which have served hit, or done eny gode therto in her dayes.

And on the secunde parte, we shall pray for all kyngis soules patrones of thus churche, and alle other lordes that have worshypped hit w' her bodyes, Rentes or eny other iowels. And in especiall for the soules of the kyngis William Rowse, Herry the firste, king Stevyn, Herry the secunde, Richard the firste, Kynge John soule, and the kynge sowle Herry the thridde, the kynge soule Edward the firste, Edward the sccunde, Edward the thridd. And for edwarde soule prynce of walys: Which yaff moche gode to the table of the hyghe auter: for the soule of kyng Richarde the secunde. And for the soules of the kynges Herry the fourthe, Herry the fifte, Herry the sixte, for the soule of kyng Edwarde the fourthe. And for the soule of king Henry the sevynth, Henry the eyghte, Edwarde the syxte.

For the Erles soule of Sarum William kegespe: for Jamys soule sum tyme lorde of Audeleigh: for Johnys soule lorde Louel: Thomas soule Monteagu erle of Sarum for the soule of hubert of burgh, for water sowle lord hungerford. etc.

And for alle soules whos bonys restyth in this churche and churche yerde. And all tho that hath yove to this churche, rentys, vestimentis, or othere goodys; whereby God is the more worshipped in this churche and the mynysters thereof better susteyned: for all oure Brethern and Sistren soules, alle our pareshens soules. And for alle the soules that hath done eny good to this churche, and for alle crysten soules. Pater noster.

Hic revertat se sacerdos, et dicatur a choro alternatim supradicto modo hic psalmus, videlicet:

De profundis: sine Gloria Patri.

Sed cum:

Kyrie eleyson: Christe eleyson: Kyrie eleyson. Pater noster.

Deinde dicat sacerdos, sine nota:

Et ne nos inducas in tentationem.
Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine.

A porta infori.

Credo videre bona Domini.

Dominus vobiscum.


Absolve, quæsumus Domine, animas famulorum tuorum, pontificum, regum, famulorum famularumque tuarum, et animas omnium fidelium defunctorum, ab omni vinculo delictorum; ut in resurrectionis gloria inter sanctos et electos tuos resuscitati respirent. Per Christum Dominum nostrum.

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Exhortation before Communion.


Forms of Exhortation in Uisitation of the Sick.

Exhortation before Communion.'

OOD men and women, y charge yow by the Auctoryte of holy churche, that no man nother woman that this day proposyth

here to be comenyd [communicated] that he go note to Godds bord, lase than he byleue stedfastlych, that the sacrament that he ys avysyd here to rescue, that yt ys Godds body, flesche and blode, yn the forme of bred; & that [which] he receyvythe afterward, ys no thyng ells but wyne & water, for to clense yowr mowthy's of the holy sacrament. Furthermor, y charge yow that no man nother woman go to Godds borde, lase than he be of ys synnys clen confessyd, & for hem contryte; that ys to sey, hauyng sorow yn yowr herts, for yowre synnys. Furthermore, I charge yow yf ther be eny man or woman, that beryth yn his herte eny wrothe or rancor to eny of his evencristen [fellowchristian] that he be not ther howselyd, ther to the tyme that he be with hym yn perfyte love & cheryte, for ho so [whoso] beryth wrethe or evyll wyll yn herte, to eny of hys evencristen, he ys note worthy hys God to receyue; and yf he do, he reseyvythe his dampnacyon, where he schuld receyue his saluacion. Furthermore, y charge yow that none of yow go to Godds

1 From Harleian MS. 2383. in the British Museum. This extract is preceded by a form of private confession; and followed by a long form of absolution in Latin: after which come a homily,

and other miscellaneous matters.

The reader will observe the remarkable similarity of several of the sentences in this exhortation, with that ordered in our present Liturgy.

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